British boys take European Championship gold - British Gymnastics

British boys take European Championship gold


Great Britain’s junior male gymnasts have once again proved their dominance of European gymnastics by claiming their fourth straight European team title. Brinn Bevan, Nile Wilson, Giarnni-Regini Moran and Joe Fraser put in outstanding performances to score 254.094 for gold ahead of Russia in silver scoring 252.395.

The success continues a trend starting back in 2008 when the likes of Olympians Sam Oldham, Dan Purvis and Dan Keatings helped GBR to their first junior title which was again matched in 2010 and 2012.

Each of the British boys contributed great routines, small mistakes on pommel horse, the only errors in a fantastic competition. Competing alongside the Russians the British boys always led and despite the late falls they easily took the gold.

It was Nile Wilson, the 2012 European junior all-around silver medal winner, who led the way performing superbly on all six apparatus to score 85.565 points for the team, the highest all-around score of the event qualifying him confidently through to Friday’s final. Brinn Bevan will join Nile in the all-around final after also completing a fault free competition for GBR scoring 83.856 for third.

Nile described the boys' pride afterwards saying: “This is my second European junior team title and its very special. To continue the gold medal tradition in this event had its pressure but we all stood up to the challenge and we are very proud to have kept on that run for our country. We have worked very, very hard for this and it showed today as all the boys put in the performances. It was a bit nervy at the end but once the scores were confirmed there was just massive relief, we are all very, very happy.”

To reinforce the team's superb showing there are also 11 apparatus finals for the team to look forward to on Sunday as gymnasts qualified in the top eight on each of the six men’s apparatus.

Nile topped both the parallel bars and high bar standings and will also compete in the rings and pommel final, Brinn Bevan will compete on rings and parallel bars.

Giarnni-Regini Moran topped the vault rankings and will also compete alongside Jay Thompson in the floor final, Jay also competing for high bar and vault honours.

Competition reports

Starting on rings the boys looked strong and ready for the title fight.  All the boys hit their routines nicely with especially good dismounts, Jay Thompson scoring 13.966, Joe Fraser 13.666 with Brinn Bevan 14.200 and Nile Wilson 14.200 executing highly difficult routines.

On vault the team all demonstrated high skills and good control of their landings. Jay Thompson and Giarnni-Regini Moran both performed two passes as they aimed for vault finals, the first of which went towards the team total. Jay scored 14.600 for his first and 14.366 in his second vault for a 14.483 average and Giarnni 14.900 and 14.633 for an average of 14.766. Brinn Bevan (14.366) and Nile Wilson (14.533) continued their strong all-around performances while also contributing great scores for the team.

On parallel bars Nile Wilson stole the show, the most difficult routine and the highest scoring for a massive 15.066 points. Joe Fraser scored 14, Giarnni 14.133 and Brinn Bevan 14.533 continuing Britain’s clean competition at the half way mark.

Again on high bar, it was Nile who led the way for the team and proved his high skill level with a routine packed with difficulty, he punched the air on landing to score 14.033. Jay Thompson (13.666) and Brinn Bevan (13.566) weren’t far off Nile's standard, executing beautifully composed performances with Giarnni-Regini Moran also competing cleanly to score 13.266.

Giarnni was outstanding on the floor, his complex twisting tumbles standing out and impressing the judges to score 14.366. Jay Thompson was also in great form for 14.333 with Nile scoring 14.133 and Brinn 13.858 to continue their formidable competitions.

On to the final apparatus, the pommel horse and the British boys knew that a good, solid performance would be enough for the title. Brinn Bevan and Nile Wilson again led the way contributing high scores for the team of 13.333 and 13.600. Jay Thompson and Joe Fraser did count falls on their pommel routines but both were well composed to jump back on and complete for respectable scores of 12.800 and 12.933.

The championships continue Thursday 22nd as Britain’s senior men’s team – Daniel Purvis, Kristian Thomas, Max Whitlock, Daniel Keatings and Sam Oldham compete in their qualification.