2014 Aerobic World Championships - British Gymnastics

2014 Aerobic World Championships


Day Two Qualifications - Saturday 28th June

Day two of the World Championships saw the very best men’s individuals’[IM] Mixed Pairs [MP], and Groups [GR] contest qualification for the remaining places in the finals. 

An entry of 13 Groups meant that competition was fierce. 

Captain Chloe Farrance led the British Group; Emily Boyce, Ella Augier, Beth Martin and Hannah Owen to the floor from what was an upbeat warm-up. Competing 12th up it was apparent that a target score of 20.300 would seal a final; however it was just not to be. The performance was strong and presentation confident however the benchmark score was an uphill target. 

The Groups artistry score just surpassed the 8’s, 8.45 and but execution score was 7.70 carrying an uncharacteristic error for a disappointing final score of 18.538.  The five strong team should be pleased with the performance they gave – discounting the non-European Federations they were competitive and can continue to build on this category, something which prior to the European Championships 2013 was not a traditional category for seniors in the UK.

The team will regroup and take confidence from the progressions they are making ahead of the European Games in Baku 2015. 

Day One 13th World Championships – Friday 27th June

The first day of the 13th World Championships saw the very best Individual Women’s, [IW] and Trios [TR] in the world convene in Cancun to contest qualification for just 8 places in the finals. 

With an immense start list of 50 individual women, qualification for Britain’s Hannah Owen and Chloe Farrance was likely to be improbable unless a score of 20.500+ could be achieved internationally.  Hannah was drawn 1st up to open the proceedings and debuting in this, her first senior Championships.  Her artistry just surpassed 8.0, however her execution was sub 8.0 and losing some difficulty, her final score was 17.850 for 37th place.   However, Hannah made a strong comeback competing in the trio, [GBR1] with Zanna Woods and Olivia Farrance where they out competed GBR2 and scored 18.833 for 16th place from a very strong field of 25 trios.        
The GBR 2 trio headed by the experience of Chloe Farrance with the two former 2013 junior European trio finliasts [2013], Ella Augier and Emily Boyce had a nervy start with the incorrect music played and so as events played out GBR 2 were under par and slipped behind GBR 1 into 20th place with a score of 18.361.   

The final performance for GBR belonged to a passionate and compelling performance by Chloe Farrance.  Although she scored just in the sub 20.000’s it was but a fraction away, delivering on difficulty and in the main, on artistry too.  However again the Achilles heel appears to be execution, just eclipsing 8.0, to give a final score of 19.750 for an impressive 18th place - Chloe holding her own amongst the World’s best and maintaining her European ranking from 2013.