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British gymnasts dominate the Games

Claudia Fragapanecommfloor
The final day of the Commonwealth Games artistic gymnastics events and another clutch of podium places for the Home Nation gymnasts crowning a remarkable five days of medal winning performances with British gymnasts having won 11 of the 14 artistic gymnastics gold’s on offer.

England’s Claudia Fragapane was the queen of the competition as she took an incredible fourth gold medal at the Hydro, adding the floor title to her vault, all-around and team crowns marking one of the most sensational performances of the whole Games.

England’s Max Whitlock completed his outstanding Games by taking the bronze on parallel bars to add to his floor, all-around and team gold and pommel silver medals and confirming his status as one of the world’s greatest gymnasts.

Daniel Purvis of Scotland raised the roof off the Hydro with a superb display on the parallel bars to become the Commonwealth champion with Nile Wilson of England taking the high bar crown with a stylish display.

England’s Kristian Thomas took the vault silver medal in the first event of the day to set the procession going, whilst also narrowly missing out on high bar gold and settling for his second silver.

Georgina Hockenhull of Wales showed incredible composure in a tense beam final rising to the challenge to take a brilliant bronze.

Gold medal reaction..
Claudia summed up her floor performance and her Games saying: “I love to express myself and go wild and I can do that on floor, it suits my personality. Coming in to the Games we were all focussed on trying to get the team gold first, after that I was more hoping than expecting medals. Once I won the all-around I couldn’t believe it and then with vault and floor being my favourite apparatus I just went for it. I really can’t believe what I’ve done.”

Dan Purvis was delighted and amazed to have taken Scotland’s first parallel bars Commonwealth gold saying: “It’s unbelievable, coming in to this I aimed for a medal but didn’t really expect gold. I’m really happy and proud to have contributed to these amazing Games for Team Scotland; we have achieved some incredible results. I went for a difficult routine which was a bit of a gamble but it paid off, I couldn’t be happier.”

Nile was equally delighted with his high bar gold saying: “It’s been an absolutely unbelievable week. We made a great start winning the team gold and that just set us of. I could never have dreamed of how well things could of gone and to finish with a gold medal is just the icing on the cake, it’s very special.”

The story of the competitions..

Men’s vault
England’s Kristian Thomas is capable of beating anyone in the world with incredible vaulting ability. He couldn’t quite stop his momentum on his first landing rolling to the floor, his second vault was much stronger a soaring into the air with two front somersaults and landing solidly, his two vaults scoring 14.366 and 14.633 for a total average of 14.499 to take the silver medal
Adam Cox of Scotland couldn’t contain his huge smile as he prepared to vault, clearly enjoying every moment of these Games.  His first vault was well executed and landed to score 13.516. His second may not have had high difficulty but was brilliantly performed and his landing stuck dead on the mat to score 13.033 for an average of 13.274 and 7th place.
Adam’s teammate Frank Baines had a tricky landing on his first vault but his second equally difficult pass was much better scoring 13.633 and 14.400 respectively, for an average of 14.016 and 5th place.

Uneven bars champion Becky Downie of England had high hopes for the beam final and looked superb in warm up, however a slight misjudgement on landing her first skill meant an early fall which then set the tone for further errors as she scored 9.833.
England’s Claudia Fragapane one of the star gymnasts of the Games had seen medal contenders make mistakes and knew that if she stayed on the beam she would place herself high in the rankings. She had to battle hard to stay on after her first sequence of skills and had one or two minor wobbles, but her characteristic drive and determination proved vital to complete another great routine under pressure and score 13.133 to place 5th.
Wales’s Lizzie Beddoe has shown superb consistency and maturity throughout these Games and her beam routine was outstanding with very little for the judges to deduct as she smoothly transferred through her skills and dismounted well to score a brilliant 13.366 for 4th place. Teammate Georgina Hockenhull has been equally impressive, the rising Welsh star has visibly grown in confidence all week and shone in the spotlight with a difficult and tidily performed routine scoring her 13.466 for a truly brilliant bronze medal.

Parallel bars
England’s Max Whitlock is the top gymnast at these Games and was first up to perform on the parallel bars, his routine flowed nicely and was well controlled with a good dismount to give him 15.066 and bronze. Nile Wilson (ENG) followed up with an even better performance, highly difficult and performed with confidence, the 18 year old Junior European champion again excelling in his first senior event scoring a superb 15.433 points and silver.
Scotland’s Frank Baines was determined to prove himself to the home crowd and did so with a very cleanly performed routine, nice work on one bar and a perfectly landed dismount giving him a score of 14.866.  That left Daniel Purvis of Scotland left to compete, the crowd roared as he stepped on to the podium and he absolutely delivered. His routine high in difficult skills and strong on execution, he landed his dismount brilliantly for a huge score of 15.533 and the Commonwealth title.

Women’s floor
Jessica Hogg of Wales started the floor competition with a lively and upbeat performance, with her teammates screaming encouragement from the crowd she competed neatly to score 13.166. Hannah Whelan (ENG) powered through her first tumble but couldn’t quite stop her landing; she grew in confidence using all her experience to guide her through cleanly for a score of 13.133.
England’s Claudia Fragapane ended her exceptional Games with another awe-inspiring floor display, her tumbles so powerful and aggressive and always perfectly landed, the crowd going crazy as she finished with a sensational score of 14.541 and her fourth gold.

High bar
Nile Wilson (ENG) set the standard on the high bar, his execution of the skills and great body lines reflected in a superb score of 14.966 for gold.
Dan Keatings went for big release and catch moves in his routine and was fingertips from completing his first catch but couldn’t quite hold on and fell, but leapt back on the the bar much to the delight of the crowd to complete more difficult releases and score 13.366 and 6th
Scotland’s Frank Baines showed great form in his routine as he favoured perfectly executed swinging bar work rather than huge release skills and it paid off as he completed a superb routine to score him 14.566 for 4th place.
Kristian Thomas (ENG) showed some huge release skills, catching with twisted arms and flicking his body effortlessly around the bar, he landed his dismount well and waiting for the score to come up on the big screen - 14.966 – exactly the same as Nile, however not as well executed in the judges scores and so taking the silver.

The Games close with the Home Nations having dominated all of the rhythmic and artistic gymnastic events catch up on all the medal news here.