Catch up with our new British champion - British Gymnastics

Catch up with our new British champion

Amy Tinkler2015britishchampion

Amy Tinkler wowed the crowd at the 2015 British Gymnastics Championships, her sensational performances taking her to the all-around British title in her first year as a senior gymnast.

We caught up with the South Durham star after the event to find out a bit more about her rise to stardom.

Amy, congratulations again on your incredible weekend, can you put into words how much it means to you to be British Champion?

Thank you!

It means so much to be senior British champion! I still can't believe it, I don't think it has sunk in yet, I’m just really grateful for all the support everyone has given me.

What first drew you to gymnastics and why do you think you’ve been so successful?

I started gymnastics when I was two.  My mum was a coach and knew Nic and Rach (Nicola Preston and Rachel Wright – South Durham coaches) so it just seemed normal for me to go along to baby gym at South Durham.  From there I moved up to mini squad and then into the elite squad.  I guess my success has been possible because of all the support from my team around me, my coaches, family, friends, physio's and everyone else who has helped me, none of it would be possible without them.

How has the move to senior from juniors been for you? You look like you’re really enjoying being part of the senior team?

The seniors have been really nice, helpful and supportive to all the juniors who have just moved up into the seniors. I just thought of it as another competition, rather than it being my first senior British.  I am used to training with all the girls at Great Britain squads so competing with them just felt normal really. I love competing and in the senior team we are all really close so we all support each other.

Can you tell us a bit about your life outside of the gym?

Outside of gym and school I like to spend time with my family. I don't think I really have any hobbies apart from gym, although I guess like every other girl I like to go shopping.

Finally, in the gym how much training are you doing and who coaches you? What’s your favourite pieces to train and why?

I train around 30 hours a week with Nic, Rach and Nick Ruddock.  I have increased my hours recently and I'm happy that it's paying off! My favourite piece is floor as I love to perform and I always enjoy performing my floor routine in front of big crowds!

You can check out some of Amy incredible routines here and check out her profile here.