Aerobic success in Vegas (2008) - British Gymnastics

Aerobic success in Vegas (2008)

dscn0069.jpgThe British Aerobics sqaud returned with much earned success from the 2008 A.N.A.C. Championships Team,  Las Vegas 19th - 28th July
This is the second time, in no less than  three months, that the GB Aerobic Gymnastics Squad has achieved finalists in all competition categories entered, bringing home  a large medal  collection to Britain.

The team won 3 gold and 4 bronze medals in all.
H.O.D.  Nigel Saunders said
 '' I was very proud to receive  the many congratulatory comments from other delegations and in particular from the Chair of the U.E.G. Aerobic Gymnastic Technical Committee.  The competition in Las Vegas,  was indeed a suburb showcase at world level for G.B. Aerobic Gymnastics''
Martine Griffiths, the National Squad Manager said 
'' I am very happy  with the performance of the whole squad in Las Vegas and our overall results and medal haul was well and truly deserved. To a man, the team were very well prepared for this competition and this proved essential, as  some of our  competitors in Groups 1 and 2  had to deliver personal best  performances and scores in order bring the medals home.''