Olympic Bulletin - Day Four (2008) - British Gymnastics

Olympic Bulletin - Day Four (2008)


The Women’s Team Final -

China The Olympic Women’s Team Champions.

Gold –     China 188.9.
Silver –     USA 186.525.
Bronze –     Romania 181.525

With no carry over scores the teams have everything to play for. China had the home advantage but in truth they would have won this Olympic Title in Antarctica.

They carried only one major error at Beam and displayed some extremes of difficulty that defied all theories.

End of first rotation  - Russia  - USA – China. 6 tenths separated the teams

China. Bars. Jiang perfect first half then slight form breaks. There were a lot of handstand turn to build “just” 7.1 difficulty. Yang Yilin. 7.7 difficulty and 16.8 scored, where did they take it off? And He Kexin, the same fantastic routine with straight Jager and the same Tkachev to Pak caught too close and both feet touched the floor, 7.7 difficulty and 16.85 scored.

At the end of the second rotation – China – USA – Russia. 4 Points separated second from third.

China at Beam had a few difficult moments, Cheng fell and there were moments in all the routines that looked more like semaphore than choreography but 47.125 reflected the astounding difficult of the routines. Li Shanshan, flip to one flip to 2 layout to two feet and Korbut, what a combination.

Entering the final rotation . China – USA – Romania with Russia a point behind in 4th.

China on Floor. 43.425 needed to win. Only a no show was going to change the outcome. 45.8.

Gold –     China 188.9.
Silver –     USA 186.525.
Bronze –     Romania 181.525

Routine of the Competition must be between Nastia Liukin and He Kexin on Bars. For me it goes to Kexin for that extra mile, Jager half to Jager and straight Jager, outrageous.

For Russia, 4th and despair. A great team but now with their heads down.