Olympic Bulletin - Day Five (2008) - British Gymnastics

Olympic Bulletin - Day Five (2008)


The Men’s All Around Final

Team play over and the best Men in the Olympic field were playing for the biggest prize of all; The Olympic Gold.

20th place for Daniel Keatings in his first Olympic Final.


”I gave it everything I had” he said afterwards. ” I only wish I had done pommels in the qualifications like I did today. I had to prove I could do it”

China's Yang Wei secures Gold

Men's All-around Competition.

With the benefit of Vault score advantage Daniel Keatings jumped Kazamatsu full for 15.8 and 3rd place at the end of the first rotation, a position to enjoy, if only for a few minutes.

End of rotation 1.

Bouhai    FRA    1st
Uchimura    JPN    2nd
Keatings    GBR    3rd

Uchimura was the “real” leader  (Bouhai and Keatings started on Vault.) but that didn’t last with two major breaks on pommels, 13.275 ending his medal hopes.

olymkeataa.jpg For Daniel an excellent first half on Parallel Bars with a small loss of tempo in the mid section but a safe 14.425, 5.7 difficulty. With the vault scores now beginning to level the field the rankings were unpredictable

At High Bar, a slight hesitation through a combination but a well spotted double double, 14.225 (5.4 difficulty)

Half way point.

Yang T     LOR
Yang W    CHN
Caranobe    FRA
Keatings    GBR 20th

Dan Keatings, Floor, Double double, double Arabian, good twisting combo, 2 1/2, twist, 14.85.

End of rotation 4

Yang Wei        CHN   
Yang Taeyoung    KOR
Caranobe        FRA
Dan Keatings        GBR, 21st.

Dan Keatings Pommels, a small break in Russians on the end but an impressive shear handstand half turn, 15.7 from 6.7 difficulty.

Cheng Yibin was sitting in a comfortable medal position then at High Bar a sound routine but…no dismount, He jumped off and walked away. His coach somewhere between mystified and stir fried, 12.975.

Yang Wei
Yang Taeyoung
Dan Keatings        GBR, 17TH.

For Dan Keatings the end of a super competition at Rings, his triple dismount did not hold but 14.0 and a total of 89.00 is going to give this young man a great start to the London Olympic cycle.

“I have been landing the triple in training all week but I guess I was trying too hard not to under rotate and sat down.”

Fabian Hambuechen, heir to the High Bar crown MISSED his opening Kovacs.
Asked afterwards what happened he said “Boom, I just went down”.

The Olympic arena is a hard place to make a mistake.

Yang Wei, stoop full and legs well lose, less than perfect connections but …it was all there, 14.775, and 94.575, THE OLYMPIC CHAMPION by a long way.

olymwei.jpgFinal Result

Yang Wei CHN  94.575

Kahei Uchimura JPN  91.975

Benoit Caranobe FRA  91.925

Daniel Keatings  GBR 89.00  20th



“20th in his first Olympics is a great place to be, he is young and this experience will help him. He has proved that he is amongst the best in the world. This must encourage others to believe that it is possible for Great Britain to put gymnastics onto the Olympic and World rostrum.”    Paul Hall personal coach to Dan Keatings at Huntingdon.

Daniel was very enthusiastic about his immediate plans. “I am going on holiday. Ibiza, clubbing, clubbing and clubbing. Its time to relax. Then back into training and the Grand prix circuit, the British and a new hard programme for next years Europeans. I need to raise my difficulty to stay ahead”.

Brian Stocks
CEO of British Gymnastics said afterwards “Considering the journey the men have taken from Athens, when all funding was lost, to Beijing the results for the British boys is amazing”.

Matthew Greenwood, BG Performance Director, “This reinforces the fact that the playing field (China excepted) has been levelled and we can be confident that these results will continue”.