Olympic Bulletin - Day Six (2008) - British Gymnastics

Olympic Bulletin - Day Six (2008)

Women's All around Final
For Becky Downie a British Gymnastics Olympic record all around position, 12th.
“Now I know I can be there with the best”

The Beijing Olympic Champion - Nastia Liukin USA

The New Olympic Champion has a father who was a double Olympic Champion. Valeri Liukin, father of Nastia was Olympic Champion Seoul 1988 Team (USSR) and High Bar and vice champion on Parallel Bars and all around.

"Its amazing to back here and sharing this special moment with him"

On competing against Shawn Johnson Team mate and World Champion.

"Its been a great journey and a cool ending" - What an understatement.

Silver medal Shawn Johnson USA
Bronze medal Yang Yilin CHN

olym_downie_088806.jpg Becky Downie GBR 12th place.

“Now I know I can be there with the best” said an enthusiastic Becky. “I wasn’t at all nervous but it was difficult to concentrate, so much noise. What a crowd”. For Becky a well earned family holiday then back to training and next years Europeans to look forward to.  “I have had fantastic help from the British Team coaches but I wish my personal coach Claire Starkey could have been with me today” added Becky.

Becky has to dovetail training with school.“I only took 1 GCSE this year and so next year I will have to catch up then sixth form, then London 2012”.

Becky was British Espoir Champion then Junior Champion then Senior British Champion. Her advice to the new generation, “Work hard and anything is possible”.


For Becky Downie an Olympic Final. An experience that will mature her performing ability and launch her onto the celebrity list of world gymnasts.

The top 6 qualifiers are seeded into a single group. (The apparatus final is a random draw). This puts a lot of pressure on the judges but keeps the competitors and Television with a worldwide audience of billions, in a hot situation. It is difficult to reach the podium from the remaining 3 groups.

Rotation 1
Becky Downie. Floor. Full in back out, triple twist, 1 1/2 through to double twist, double pike, 14.1

Nastia Liukin, Vault, Yurchenko 1 1/2 twist.

Steliana Nistor, ROM, took a first round lead from Bars with Shawn Johnson of USA 1 tenth behind.

Nistor, ROM
Johnson, USA
Ferrari, ITA
Becky Downie, GBR, 21st.

Rotation 2
Becky Downie, Vault. Yurchenko double twist.15.025

Yang Yilin, Bars so many perfect turns in and out of handstand, piked Jager, Tkachev and double straight dismount, 17.725 from a 7.7 difficulty.

Nastia Liukin, perfect Bars, a simple step on landing, 16.65.


Yang, CHN
Liukin US
Nistor, ROM
Becky Downie, GBR 17th

Rotation 3
Becky Downie, Bars. Toe on Tkachev and Stalder full with excellent form, full in back out, an excellent  routine balancing difficulty with style, 15.625 from 7.0 difficulty, a terrific score.

olym_luikin_088510.jpg Nastia Liukin, free walkover flip layout, half turn handspring, free walkover to arabesque, 2 1/2 twist dismount. 16.17 from 6.7 difficulty

Going to the last rotation 6 tenths separated the top 3.
Liukin, USA
Yang, CHN
Johnson, USA
Becky Downie, GBR  9th.

Liukin, USA, front full to front double twist, handspring double front, 1 1/2 1 1/2, 2 1/2 twist, 6.2, 15.525, 63.325. OLYMPIC CHAMPION

Johnson, USA, double double, whip triple twist, front full to front 1 1/2, double twist, full in back out, 6.3 difficulty, 15.525, 62.725, Silver

Artistry won the Olympic title before difficulty, rightly so.