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Catching up with gymnastics legend Beth Tweddle MBE

beth final gymnast webTwo years after her retirement Beth Tweddle’s life has changed significantly as she’s gone from living in the gymnastics hall to wing-walking and ice skating in front of millions.

Although she may of retired from competing that doesn’t mean she has left the sport of gymnastics behind, we caught up with our three time World Champion at Lilleshall National Sports Centre as Beth joined other top coaches’ from around the country taking part in their level four course at the home of British Gymnastics

Hi Beth, two years on how has life been post retirement?
Since I retired life has been very different - I am doing a lot of different things and trying a lot of new experiences. Obviously when I was training I couldn’t try certain activities for the fear of injury so since retiring I have made the most of all the opportunities. I have tried sky-diving, wing walking, skiing, abseiling and lots of other things and love the freedom of this. Obviously Dancing on Ice was a great experience and it helped me to see another life away from elite level gymnastics. With regards to gymnastics I would never be able to walk away from it because it has been such a massive part of my life.

I am the athlete representative for the International Gymnastics Federation and also spend time doing a lot of gymnastics club visits. I also have my own business which allows children to have that first opportunity in gymnastics and works at the grass roots level. I want children as many kids as possible to have the chance to have a go at gymnastics, I tried so many different sports before I found the one I love so it’s all about creating opportunity.

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