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British DMT champion Nathaniel ready to take on the world

NatThe 2015 Trampoline, Tumbling and Double-Mini Trampoline (DMT) World Championships start next week on Thursday 26th November in Odense, Denmark.  We caught up with 2015 British double-mini trampoline champion Nathaniel Scott to see how his training has been going, how he controls his nerves in competition and whether he thinks the British DMT team can be amongst the medals…

How has preparation been going in the lead up to worlds?
“Preparation has been absolutely amazing; I've never felt better, physically and mentally, on and off the DMT! I had a minor injury to my hamstring which made me reduce the time of a couple of sessions but the past three weeks of preparation the injury hasn't made any major impact on training.”

What do you hope to achieve at the championships?
“I never hope to achieve anything miraculously in competitions, I go into every competition hoping for the PB that I've worked hard for at training and then the results start to arrive from when you've finished preliminaries! I always think that you never know when your last training day or competition is going to be so make the most of it and try enjoy the experience and let the hard work pay off! But yeah I mean it would be great for the team to grab a few medals...”

DMT runs are over so fast, how do you control your nerves and adrenaline to make sure it's a perfect run?
“You're right, DMT is over within seconds, sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way! I have always worked on my breathing for before I compete, if my breathing increases due to nerves then I start to worry about what I am doing. Within any gymnastic discipline controlling your breathing is absolutely vital. I'm stating the obvious here, but I try to remember "one move at a time", because if you don't do the first move like you train it, you will not have the chance to do the second move.”

Do you have any tactics in competition and do you plan your competition runs out well in advance?
“I don't have any tactics in competition apart from visualisation before I compete. But in training when I am completing a pass, I always try to think that every pass is a competition and I prepare before I run like I'm competing in training, which I think prepares me more for the competition stage as I think in my head "this is just training, I have done this hundreds of times". I have had my runs planned for about 3/4 month now so I prepare them for a long time so it becomes second nature to complete them!”

How strong is the DMT team spirit?
“The DMT spirit is absolutely huge currently; the team have been working very very hard with each other in and out of the training hall. The team have gelled amazingly and I have never been prouder to be a part of a team who work so hard. The support from the National Coach, Phil Dodson, mentally and physically leading up to the competition has prepared us all so well and we are looking in great shape. Both the men's and women's teams are very strong and more than capable of making that top 5 to get in team final which then takes us closer to getting the medals, but individually we have a huge amount of experience, talent and determination within the team to be able to make individual finals also which is so exciting!”

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