Driscoll and Page break history & secure two spots for GB in Rio - British Gymnastics

Driscoll and Page break history & secure two spots for GB in Rio

Tra Worlds web template2On the final day of competition at the 2015 Trampoline, Tumbling and DMT World Championships British gymnasts have once again broken history as Bryony Page and Kat Driscoll qualified 6th and 7th for the women’s trampoline world final and secured the maximum two spots for British women at the Rio Olympics next year. In the men’s event, Nathan Bailey completed a clean routine to finish 17th and secure the British men a place at the Rio test event next year.

Kat Driscoll was up first for the GB women and kept her composure well under pressure to score 54.210 but had a long wait to go. Up next, Bryony Page executed a beautiful routine to score 54.565 to slot in just ahead of Kat.  Both girls eventually finished 6th and 7th securing a place in the world final as well as two spots for GB in Rio. It is the first time in history GB has qualified two female trampoline gymnasts to an Olympic Games. Finally, up for GB was Pamela Clark who although struggled not to travel across the trampoline fought well and completed all her skills for a score of 52.450 and 19th place.

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GB's Nathan Bailey fought incredibly well to stay on the trampoline; but that he did, completing his 10 skills and staying calm to score 56.465 and finish 17th to secure GB a spot in the Rio test event next year. After not qualifying to the 2012 Olympics at the 2011 World Championships or gaining a place in the 2012 test event, this is a great step for the men’s programme.

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