The Academy win 2016 British Teams title - British Gymnastics

The Academy win 2016 British Teams title


The Academy have won the prestigious Women’s British Teams title in a hotly contested competition at Emirates Arena in Glasgow.

The Academy line-up of Ruby Harrold, Zoe Simmons, April Maslen, Phoebe Turner, Abigail Solari and Amelia Knight scored 208.600 points to take the top spot from City of Liverpool (Jade Stedford, Kelsey Ann Moore, Rebecca Tunney, Olivia Williams, Lucy Stanhope and Ellee Cheetham) in silver 206.450 and South Durham (Amy Tinkler, Mia Scott, Leah Rocket, Leah Greenland, Jade Armstrong, Dena Kirk) in bronze 203.000.

The British Teams event sees the top gymnastics clubs compete against each other with the scores of each gymnast combined to give a team total. The 2016 event was held the day after the Glasgow World Cup on the same podium using the same apparatus so giving the gymnasts a fantastic experience in a big arena environment.

A selection of videos from the event can be found here.

Full results

The Academy 208.600
City of Liverpool 206.450
South Durham 203.000
Park Wrekin 200.400
Sapphire 198.550
City of Birmingham 197.000
City of Glasgow 185.350
DGC2k 177.400
Manx 173.250
East London 142.650