World Age-Group Acrobatics , 12-19 Finals! (2008) - British Gymnastics

World Age-Group Acrobatics , 12-19 Finals! (2008)

acro-web-icon.jpgYet more glory for the British Team in the 12-19 Finals, bringing the total Age-Group medal haul to 8 from 10 events! 3 GOLD, 4 SILVER AND 1 BRONZE FOR BRITAIN!!



Women's Pair – Silver
Women's Group – Silver
Mixed Pair – Gold and World Title

12-19 FINALS

Women’s Pair Final - Silver for GB

The German Women's Pair started the final competition with their combined routine, making a good start with their 2 on 1 press to handstand and one arm lever spiral down and a good mix of elements, scoring 27.500. The Kazakhstani Womens Pair, who qualified in 7th place, showed great dynamic skills in their routine, with a neat double tuck overhead from wrap, as well as confident balances, scoring 27.900, going ahead of the Germans.  Next up were the Dutch pair, who were in 10th after 2 routines making into the finals after the one per country ruling pushed them up. They were awarded 26.900 for their combined offering. The Ukrainian duo who qualified in 8th, after falling yesterday showed the audience and judges their elegance and strength by producing a beautiful combined routine scoring 28.550. GBR’s Maiken Thorne (whose sister won the 11-16 Mixed Pair title earlier today) and Mollie Grehan from King Edmund completed a great routine, clean and well presented, scoring them a fantastic 28.800 – shooting them straight to first position with three routines remaining. The French pair continued the run of clean routines, scoring 28.350 and the Belarusian pair scored 28.850 taking them ahead of the GBR partnership. The final Womens Pair, from Russia rounded off a high-quality competition, with a nice routine, scoring 28.00, keeping GRB in the Silver medal position and Belarus in Gold.

1  BLR 1 - Bartashevich, Shchuka (252) 9.55 9.30 10.000 (119.0) 0.00 28.850
2 GBR 2 - Grehan, Thorne (257) 9.50 9.30 10.000 (110.0) 0.00 28.800
2  RUS - Gladneva, Vaschenko (268) 9.45 9.35 10.000 (120.0) 0.00 28.800

Mollie Grehan 
“I’m ecstatic! I think the routine went really well, having the crowd here all cheering on GB was brilliant.”

Maiken Thorne
“I just can’t believe it! Today’s just been amazing, having to wait around and then watch my sister perform was really hard the whole days been very emotional! “

Women’s Group Final - Silver for GB

The USA 2 Women's Group started the proceedings in the category, they qualified in sixth place and performed a clean routine were awarded 27.750. The Polish group took to the floor, with their atmospheric routine, with interesting choice of choreography, but were slightly shaky in their first balance, overall scoring, 27.900 putting them ahead of the Americans in the early stages.  Portuguese trio, Costa, Costa and Rolao were doing well until a bad landing on pitch double pike held their score at 28.100, but was still enough to take them top. The French trio scored 27.900 for their routine which contained a few errors which will cost them in the run for medals in such a closely fought category. The Ukraine showed their depth in performance with a unique routine, completely different from their balance yesterday and scoring 28.650. The trio from Harefield Gymnastics Academy, representing GBR polished off an amazing routine packed full of difficulty, including the Full in double straight which they stuck in both their dynamic and this routine, to score a 28.850 – taking them in the lead with Belarus and Russia still to go. The Russian trio, who have stunned the audience throughout the competition, scored a massive 29.000 taking them ahead with one routine left. The Belarusians, who qualified in third place, finished off the Junior Womens Group competition with a score of 28.750, which places them in Bronze medal position. Another Silver medal in the 12-19 competition, this time for Junior Women's Group, Ciara, Sophie and Katie, with Gold going to Russia.  After the first two categories of the 12-19 competition GBR have two silver medals, in Women's Groups and Women's Pairs. Great results in two closely fought, and very clean finals.
1 RUS - Belichko, Kuznetsova, Ternovykh (470) 9.65 9.35 10.000 (114.0) 0.00 29.000
2 GBR - Burfield, McGrath, Smith (457) 9.60 9.25 10.000 (124.0) 0.00 28.850
3  BLR - Dudkouskaya, Khrypach, Usmanova (453) 9.45 9.30 10.000 (126.0) 0.00 28.750

Katie Smith
“I’m really happy that we did our best and I think we deserved to get our medal! “

Ciara McGrath
“ I wasn’t really that nervous going into the routine and felt quite confident that we could perform a great routine – it just shows that all the hard work has now paid off.”

Sophie Burfield
“It’s just made me feel so proud. The whole of the British Team have just got on so well and really gelled as a team, having them all support us definitely made us even more confident.”

Mixed Pair Final - Gold for GB

Kazakhstan, in the country’s second final of the day, made a good start scoring 27.700. The Belgian Mixed Pair, impressed audience and judges alike with their moody and powerful routine gaining a score of 28.800, set the standard for the rest of the field. Poland were the pair following Belgium, and were awarded a score of 27.800, keeping them behind the Flemish pair. The Dutch mixed pair, who shone in qualifications, performed an elegant but powerful routine but only scored enough to keep them in 4th at the half way point.  The Bulgarian duo completed a clean routine, putting them in to silver medal position with a score of 28.400. The combined routine from the Russian pair, which was rather scruffy compared to the usual Russian standard, scored 28.300 with the judges, with two to go, which could see them out of the medals. Penultimate Mixed Pair, from Germany performed a lively and jazzy routine, which scored them 28.250, which means they miss out from a podium place by 0.05, with the GBR pair still to come.  Josh Simpson and Kimberly Hunter from Spelthorne Elite Acrobatics closed the category with the whole home crowed behind them, to score 28.850 and take the gold medal and 12-19 Mixed Pair World title.

1 GBR - Hunter, Simpson (352) 9.50 9.35 10.000 (122.0) 0.00 28.850

2 BEL - De Roeck, Van Wijk (350) 9.60 9.20 10.000 (126.0) 0.00 28.800
3 BUL - Ivanova, Kirov (351) 9.40 9.00 10.000 (122.0) 0.00 28.400

Joshua Simpson
"It's just so amazing, because of all the hard work you do and then it’s all paid off at once, it’s the best thing ever. It’s just amazing I was so nervous, it was awful, because you know you can do it and you’ve trained so hard to do it and you’ve done hundred and hundreds of routines and you just have to do that one routine right and it’s just such a relief to have it done right."

Kimberly Hunter
"Yeah, I was really pleased, I didn’t think we’d win though! It felt amazing to stand up on the podium."

Men's Pair Final

Armenia started the final with an impressive full twist re-catch, but fell out of their individual skill straight afterwards, a good but slightly scruffy routine, scoring, 26.750. The Portuguese, who qualified in 8th, scored 26.100 in their combined. The Mens Pair from Azerbaijan scored 27.850 moving in to the gold medal position with five still to go. The Israelis’ finished their combined routine off with an impressive double twist off shoulders, with a final score of 27.450, pushing them into first above AZE. Belarus, who were strong in qualifications, could be looking for a medal with the Ukraine and GBR out of the final. Their score of 28.000 could well confirm their place on the podium. The German’s impressive combined routine scored them 28.200, putting  them out in front, with two to go, in quite a low scoring final. Next, the Russian partnership completed a clean but uninteresting routine, scoring 28.750, pushing the Germans off their top spot immediately. The last mens pair in this 12-19 final from Kazakhstan worked hard to score 27.800, leaving them in 6th overall.  Gold goes to Russian, with Germany in Silver and Belarus taking home Bronze in the Junior Mens Pair category. A greatly fought competition after raining World and European Mens Pair from GBR missed out of a finals place.  .

1 RUS - Bryzgalov, Shakhov (163) 9.45 9.30 10.000 (120.0) 0.00 28.750
2 GER 1 - Claus, Dewateikin (155) 9.20 9.00 10.000 (125.0) 0.00 28.200
3 BLR - Fedchanka, Kalachou (152) 9.10 8.90 10.000 (119.0) 0.00 28.000

Men's Group Final

First to perform in the 12-19 Mens Group final are Poland, who qualified in 5th place. With a tough competition, the men needed to score high to set the standard early on. The judges awarded 27.750. The Hungarian four were next to perform their combined routine, opening with a two based stack with croc planche and slide to splits change to supported one arm, but an ambitious balance near the end of the routine cost them on execution marks, capping their score at an extremely low 18.850.  The GBR Mens Group from Deerness Valley made a fantastic start but a major error came when they dropped a big balance skill during the transition to flag by Heskett, surely costing them a medal in a group where they were expected to dominate. They only managed to score a 21.600, with a reduced execution score of 8.00 and artistry capped at 8.10 but a massive 3.30 penalty for the fall and the elements missed as a result. A very upsetting moment for the boys and their coach, shared by the home crowd The Belarusian four, now know they can take advantage with the GBR group out of the running’s, and did, scoring 27.900, going in to the Gold medal position with two to go. The penultimate performance of the 12-19 Mens Groups, came from Russia. The group stuck their first balance and shot their first dynamic element to great height.  They went on to complete a clean routine, scoring 28.500, way ahead of the other groups. The final performance of the whole competition came from the Mens Group of the Ukraine, with a big score to beat to get gold. A fantastic opening, using the classic cinema soundtrack and 21st Century Fox signature tune, the boys, who are all the same size, went on to score 28.450, enough to earn a silver medal,  But the title goes to the Russian group. A dissapointing competition for the GBR group, who qualified in 1st place, but the Gold goes to Russia, the Silver to the Ukraine and the Bronze to Belarus to bring to an end to the World Age Group competition.

1 RUS - Degterev, Makhmudov, Nevzorov, Prilepin (555) 9.35 9.15 10.000 (112.0) 0.00 28.500
2 UKR 1 - Hnatyuk, Moskva, Petsukh, Romanyak (556) 9.20 9.25 10.000 (123.0) 0.00 28.4503
3 BLR - Khvalko, Shatau, Ulasevich, Zhdanovich (551) 9.05 8.85 10.000 (113.0) 0.00 27.900