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British Aerobic Championships (2008)

emily_gale_2008.jpgEmily Gale and Bulmershe GC celebrate British Aerobic titles.

Bulmershe Gymnastics Club, led by coaches Gemma Kirkham and Kerry Scotts, swept 11 out of the 17 gold medals available at this year's British Aerobic Gymnastics Championships which took place at the Fenton Manor Sports Complex, Stoke on Trent over the past weekend.

Weston Aerobic Gymnastics took away four titles and Heathrow AC and Martine’s Action Pack, one each.

The three day event saw an overall of 333 routines, and showed big progress particularly in the National Development Group (10-12 years old).  Individual Women remains the most popular amongst the five disciplines of the sport with 28 participants in the FIG Group 1 (13-14 yrs old), 21 in the National Development Group (10-12 yrs) and 8 competitors in both FIG Group 2 (15-17yrs) and Seniors (over 17yrs).

“The Championships has proven that the majority of our clubs are building up strength and developing quickly, but now we have to focus on increasing the number of the clubs who are getting involved with Aerobic Gymnastics in the country. We are therefore, planning to include in our Technical Committee a specialist who will focus on this particular task”,  said Nigel Saunders, Chair of British Gymnastics AER/TC.

trio_fig_2_bulmersh.jpgEmily Gale (Bulmershe) won the Senior Individual Women’s title for the first time, 0.350 ahead of the defending Champion Christina Fossheim (Heathrow), 19.200 and 18.850 respectively. The Bronze medal went to Katy Barley (Martine’s Action Pack), 17.950.

Sebastian de Verteuil (Bulmershe), who won the first major international success for GB at last year’s Europeans (Junior title), and Matthew Saunders (Weston AGC), who took Gold in the 2008 ANAC competition in the USA, were two of the most applauded participants in Fenton and won the British titles in their respective age groups without problems.

Photos c/o Gareth Jones - Sports Alive