World Acrobatic Championships - Day two reports (2008) - British Gymnastics

World Acrobatic Championships - Day two reports (2008)


Russia dominates the proceedings on the final Qualification day, which also acts as the Team competition, at the World Acrobatics Championship.

For Great Britain a Silver in the Team event and places in the finals for the Men’s Group, Women’s Trio and Men’s Pair all from Spelthorne Elite Acrobatic Club.

Team Result
1. Russia - 49
2. Great Britain - 44
3. Belgium - 40 

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Said Vladimir Gyrgenidze, the Head Coach of Russia:
“We are, of course, very happy with this victory. We have been provided with excellent conditions for our preparation, a big and beautiful Acrobatic Centre near Moscow and have prepared two teams, who had two training sessions per day.  I don’t dare predicting the results in the Individual Finals tomorrow because the scoring will start from a clean sheet and every little mistake will count”.

Matei Todorov, British Gymnastics Acrobatic Technical Director:
“The new system that requires us to nominate 3 out of 5 partnerships in advance will count towards the final Team ranking and makes our task quite risky and unpredictable.  To add to this, nobody knows what has been the nomination for the other Teams. I am, indeed, very happy with the Silver medals in Glasgow and thankful to all those gymnasts and coaches who contributed to the success – “Speltorne AC” and Neil Griffiths, in the first place."

Sergei Tretiakov, Ukrainian born, Head Coach of Belgium:
“At last we did it! It took a lot of hard work over nearly a decade to get to this recognition. I am really pleased and looking forward to tomorrow’s Finals”.

Reports -

Session 9 

Men's Group (COMBINED)

mens4_w.jpg Going in reverse order from the two previous qualification rounds, the Ukrainian men (UKR 2) were up first with their combined routine but fell early on from a re-catch element, scoring 26.301 and an overall total of 77.381. The second Ukrainian Group to perform required the use of a safety landing matt, which in Men's Group isn’t penalised, for their column on bridge with straddle down on one arm to croc whilst the bases move position too. The men performed it well, without needing the matt. Their re-catch combination was also much cleaner than in their dynamic routine. The judges awarded 27.867 for the routine and UKR 1’s total is 80.643. The Azerbaijani Men's Group, who after two routines occupied the final qualification spot, began their combined exercise with four a man column, moving to a sitting shoulder, on shoulder, on shoulder column. Their dynamic element, pitch from two man column to re-catch, which they dropped this morning was made successfully this time.  A great performance from the Azerbaijani men, scoring 28.270and giving them a total of 83.201, pushing them into first place with five to go. The Bulgarian men also stuck all their balance elements, and only made a few mistakes, such as steps on landing, scoring them 28.150 and a total of 84.355, taking the lead. The First Russian Group, RUS 2 were next on floor and started with an impressive dynamic platform element into their next element, a swing double tuck re-catch, single tuck re-catch to double to cradle. Their crocodile on planche on a two man based pyramid, looked as good as it did in balance qualification and the men scored 28.551 taking their total to 85.604 and them in to first. The GBR Men's Group, from Spelthorne Elite Acrobatics, who were in 3rd place after two routine started their combined exercise with  an impressive full twisting triple back from platform and moved on to a column on bridge with Sturt performing planche, pike lever back to planche whilst his based change position. Pitch triple pike was performed well and landed well and their final balance, a 2 man based pyramid with straddle lever under croc was held successfully, scoring  28.700 for this routine and 86.003 overall, also gaining another raucous standing ovation from the crowd. The Chinese Men's Group were the penultimate four to take to the podium and looked confident in their first balance and throughout. Their swing combo double pike re-catch, immediate double tuck re-catch with a double tucked dismount to cradle impressed the audience as did their triple pike, performed in the usual chilled out Chinese style. They scored 28.920 and had an overall score of 86.302 placing them 1st with the Russians still to go. The final performance in the Men's Group qualification was from Russia, starting with their one base column with planche on top, which was held solidly. The pitch triple tuck was neat and landed well, as were all four men’s tumbles. The planche on planche with two base pyramid was a great ending to a near-perfect routine. The routine scored the Russians,  28.960 and gave them 86.343 as a total, putting them ahead of GBR and China in a closely fought category.  GBR qualified for the final in third place.

(Results after 3 routines - total scores.)

1. Russia 1 - 86.343 Q
2. China 2 - 86.302 Q
3. GBR - 86.003 Q
4. Russia 2 - 85.604 Q
5. Bulgaria - 84.355 Q
6. Azerbaijan - 83.201

Session 8

Mixed Pair (COMBINED)

usa-_w.jpg Starting the final round of the Mixed Pairs competition were South Africa (RSA1), currently in last place. Their opening dynamic element had a very deep landing and the pair seemed to lose focus, with a nasty to bottom landing near the end of theroutine. The pair scored 22.850 for their combined and a total of 68.680. The RSA 2 Mixed Pair, also made errors on landings but held some of their balances well, scoring 25.030 and gaining a total score of 76.710. The Lithuanian Mixed Pair, completed a routine that was slightly rushed at the end, scoring 26.990 with the judges and giving them a total of 79.410. The UKR 2 Mixed pair’s opening skill, korbet, was very high with a confident re-catch, but another rushed ending meant the score was kept to 27.210 and totalling 80.750. The Chinese Mixed Pair completed an impressive re-catch combination to start their routine, followed by a bridge with two on one planche to straddle and crocodile combination on foot. The judges awarded 27.430 for their routine, which took their overall score to 82.550. The Belgian Mixed Pair, currently in 8th place scored 28.701 for this routine and overall got 83.793, taking them into first place, with 7 still to perform.  The Bulgarian partnership competed well and scored 28.320 for this combined effort, taking their overall score to 83.550. The Belarusian’s, (BLR 1) currently in 5th, showed off their tops suppleness with their one armed flag on long arm, although they to finished late and scored, 28.130 leaving a total of 84.150. Great Britain’s Cameron and Illingworth, currently in 5th place, made a shaky start to their combined routine with their one arm flag and then again dropping their dynamic combo element, which they performed beautifully earlier in the day. The judges awarded them 24.520 and 80.540 overall, leaving them 6th with four to go. The Mixed Pair from the Ukraine (UKR 1) gave a steady performance, scoring 28.340 and leaving them with an overall scoring of 84.547.The only American gymnasts in the senior competition, Rodrigues and Allen gave a great tango performance with clean elements to score them 28.751 and give them an overall score of 85.432. The penultimate Russian pair (RUS2) performed a clean routine scoring 28.801 and giving them 86.332 overall. The final Russian mixed pair to perform, the ever impressive Sviridova and Babarykin wowed with their one armed ring handstand with bend by the base to start, and completed a near perfect routine, scoring them 28.862 and with an overall score of 86.530, confirmed their place at the top of the qualification list. GBR finished 10th in Mixed Pairs.

(Results after 3 routines - total scores.)

1.Russia 1 - 86.530  Q
2. Russia  2 - 86.332  Q
3. USA - 85.432  Q
4. Ukraine 1 - 84.547 Q
5. Belarus 1 - 84.150  Q
6. Belgium - 83.793 Q

10. GBR 1 - 80.540

Women's Groups (COMBINED)

gbr-trio_w.jpg The first of the Ukrainian Women’s Groups, (UKR2) who after two routines were in last place and started the Women's Groups combined competition. Their salto skills were still slightly scruffy with rushed and pulled landings but their balance was performed better than in the previous round, scoring, 27.530 taking their total to 78.750. After a technical fault with the music, the German Women's Group began their combined offering well, looking more confident in this routine than previous sessions, scoring 26.510 and totalling at 77.890. The Dutch trio were next to perform, opening with dead ant on one leg with one armed straddle to crocodile but poor tumbles and pulled landings on dynamic moves kept their score to 24.660  and a overall score of 76.140, leaving them last at the moment. The Australian trio, looked solid in their balances and gave a great performance in their combined routine. The judges awarded 26.330 for this specific routine and 79.110 overall for all three. The British Women's Group, from Harefield in the London region currently in 9th place, performed a great opening balance but fell on their dynamic korbet re-catch element. The girls looked fantastic in their red, white and blue leotards and scored 82.280 overall after a score of 26.420 for combined, leaving them in first at this stage. The Belarusian Women's Group, (BLR 2) who made only slight errors and a rushed ending were given a score of 27.570 and an overall mark of 83.583. The Belgian trio of Geirnaert, Van Hombeeck and Croket looked shaky in their first balance on splits, but held on to it. The remainder of their routine, performed with smiles and expression went well, and they were awarded 28.104 leaving them with a total of 84.263. The Chinese ladies, currently in the final qualification spot, looked solid in their balance, until the top fell from her one arm straddle down on stack on splits. They scored 26.551 and scored 83.112 overall. UKR1, the second Ukrainian trio to perform scored 28.161 and are left with 84.739 overall, placing them in first place with four to go. The next Women's Group to perform, from Great Britain, Morrison, Grove and Lamkin, began their combined offering with double straight to cradle, executed well, and dead ant with planche and ring handstand. Their pitch triple tuck salto was slightly pulled round at the end but the girls still managed to score a great 28.309 and total 84.916 overall, which could confirm their place in the final, as it leaves them first place with three to go. The Belarusian Women's Group, (BLR1) went clean in their combined routine scoring 28.390 and placing them first place with an overall score of 85.885. The penultimate Russian trio, with their minute top were the first of two Russian trios, starting with a triple pike from swing, that rocketed sky-high and then a boosted bum double straight, also impressed with their balance skills and scored 28.532 for this routine and 85.700 overall. But did not receive the height penalty they incurred at Europeans last year and they went into the first qualifying spot. The final performance, from Russia (RUS1) highlighted their talent in both dynamic and balance skills throughout and scored 28.858 and took their overall score to 86.264 and placed them top of the qualifications for Womens Groups, ahead of their teammates. The GBR Women’s Groups finished in 4th and 9th places, with the GBR1 trio qualifying for the final tomorrow. 

(Results after 3 routines - total scores.)

1.Russia 2 - 86.264  Q
2. Russia 1 - 85.700  Q
3. Belarus 1 - 85.005  Q
4. GBR 1 - 84.916 Q
5. Ukraine 1 - 884.739 Q
6. Belgium - 84.263 Q

9. GBR 2 - 82.280

Session 7

Women's Pair (COMBINED)

women_w.jpgThe German Women's pair, started the final qualification round with a score of 25.650 after a bad landing on a double pike and finished after their music. Their overall qualification score is 78.470. The Ukrainian Women's Pair (UKR 1) who are sitting in 11th place after two routines fought hard to keep their balance and dynamic elements from dropping to score, 26.870 and overall 80.150. Ukraine were next up, and were also slightly scrappy in the execution of some of their moves, and dropped wrap to back angel at the end of the routine. The judges scored them 25.800 and took their overall score to 79.920. The British Pair of Axten and Oliver opened confidently and held their first handstand balance too, finishing on a neat double tuck dismount and with a standing ovation from the audience. They were awarded 28.220 and had an overall score 82.740, putting them in first place, at this early stage. The Chinese partnership of Huang and Wang, currently in 8th place, scored 27.310 and a total of 82.050. Another Chinese Women's Pair followed with their combined routine, scoring 28.010 and finishing with 83.000, going in to first place with six remaining.The Belarusians (BLR 2) performed a well polished combined exercise, scoring 28.380 taking their final score to 84.630 and pushing them first. The Azerbaijani Women's Pair, who have looked strong all competition scored 28.360 for their combined offering, taking their score to 84.653. RUS 2 opened with a low dynamic move but went on to perform a clean combined routine, scoring 28.570 with the judges and totalling 84.962 for all three routines.The Belarusian pair, (BLR 1) currently in 3rd place looked strong with a routine where they made very few mistakes, scoring 28.640 and gaining a total of 85.791. The very expressive Women's Pair from Belgium, currently in 2nd place began their routine with a lovely straight salto re-catch and a full in tucked dismount. They also showed their balance skills by performing a two on one straddle on a handstand, finishing on a double front. The judges awarded a 28.816 and that gives them a total of 86.121. The final partnership to compete in the Womens Pairs qualification is Khakimova and Ploskova from Russia (RUS 1) their elegant and clean routine scored them 28.808 with the judges which takes their final qualification score to 86.204 and sits them as leaders going in to tomorrow competition.

(Results after 3 routines - total scores.)

1. Russia 1 - 86.204 Q
2. Belgium - 86.121 Q
3. Belarus 1 - 85.791 Q
4. Russia 2 - 84.962 Q
5. Azerbaijan - 84.635 Q
6. Belarus 2 - 84.630 Q

(8. GBR 1- 82.740)

Men's Pair (COMBINED)
mens-pair-gbr_w.jpgThe Hungarian Men's Pair who were sitting down in last place scored 23.220 for their combined routine and a final score of 66.770. The German Pair, who sat in 10th ahead of this round, were completing their elements well until a bad re-catch and tumbles were sure to keep their score low. The judges awarded 23.860 giving them an overall score of 76.040. The Bulgarian men, currently in 9th place opened with a clean re-catch combination and double pike and went on to score 27.380 and a total 80.990. The pair from the Ukraine (UKR 2) completed a clean routine scoring 28.000 or this routine and finishing with 82.483. The Kazakhstani partnership of Averin and Gmyzun, currently 7th place, just missing out on a finals place, opened with a one arm press to flag followed by a strong combination of one arm handstands and movement of the base. They also showed a nice double straight but a few wobbles on planche bend, scoring 27.430 adding to a total score of 82.190. The Portuguese men, who currently occupy the final qualification space, in 6th, performed a few minor errors, scoring 82.748 overall with a 27.505 awarded for combined. The Ukrainian partnership of Cherbak and Popov, who currently lie in 5th place, completed a clean routine to try and hold their place in the final 6. The judges awarded a score of 28.472 and overall 84.079. The British Men's Pair from Spelthorne Elite Acrobatics, who are currently in 4th place, opened their combined routine with a cut through to one arm handstand, in to one arm flag and pop to hands full twist to shoulders. They showed the judges near perfect planche before moving through a flag and one arm combination to finish with a pitch with straight one and half- and another standing ovation from the home crowd. The judges gave 28.553, taking Upcott and Fyson’s overall score to 84.620, and taking them into the lead at this stage, with 3 to go. The Chinese men, who have looked strong all weekend, fell from their re-catch combination in the middle of their routine and made another poor landing. They scored 26.670 and overall gained a total of 82.003.The Russian men (RUS 2) who are currently in second place behind their teammates, looked solid in their final qualification performance scoring 28.568, taking their total to 85.133. Their teammates, RUS 1, who went in to this session in first place, also looked strong contenders with this routine with a one arm press down with simultaneous slide to splits from the base, scoring them 28.659 and taking their total to 85.654.

(Results after 3 routines - total scores.)

1.Russia 1 - 85.864 Q
2. Russia  2 - 85.133 Q
3.GBR 1 - 84.620 Q
4. Ukraine 1 - 84.097 Q
5. China 1 - 82.803 Q
6. Portugal - 82.748 Q

Session 6

Men's Group (DYNAMIC)

gbr-4-_w.jpgThe Bulgarians were the first to take to the podium in the Men's Group dynamic category, opening with a pitch triple pike and performing a dramatic routine with an underlying story. The routine did contain some heavily assisted landings and scored 28.055. The Russian Group,  (RUS 2) who sat 3rd overnight demonstrated a sky-high pitch followed by a double front re-catch from swing, leading into a great swing combo, they were awarded 28.551, taking them ahead of the Bulgarians. The current leaders, China, with their simple Tai Chi style routine, opening with a swing to double pike, re-catch, swing double tuck, re-catch  and 2 and quarter tuck dismount to cradle. The judges awarded, Zhao, Han, Fang and Xue a score of 28.757. The Ukrainian men, in 7th place overnight, began their routine with a nice platform re-catch combination and like the Bulgarians, had a narrative quality and scored 28.126. UKR2, who are currently in last place opened with clean double man platform combo and ended it with a very clean triple tuck to floor. Unusually, the middle of the group performed a twisting dismount from the platform, whilst the top danced. The judges scored the group, 27.870. The Russian Men's Group (RUS1) who were in second place after the balance routine yesterday showed great synchronicity and performed excellently, showing high quality dynamic skills, including a back salto to land on a two man pyramid, scoring 28.803. The penultimate mens group from Azerbaijan, who occupied the 6th position in the standings yesterday performed a fantastic mix of skills including a double tucked salto to shoulders, unfortunately for the group, they made a fault in the middle of their routine and a few movements on landings late on, still an impressive routine, full of twists. They scored, 27.365. The Final performance is from Great Britain’s Men's Group, from Spelthorne Elite Acrobatics in the South East region.  The men opened with triple Salto with full twist from platform followed by a double straight from semi-column back to platform, followed by a very neat triple pike. The routine got the crowd clapping along, the final element was double twist from platform with a change of bases, followed by 1 and 3 quarters with full twist. The crowd gave the British men a standing ovation for their efforts and the judges awarded a 28.852, the highest score of the round, taking the Men's Group into 3rd place with just the combined routine left in the qualifying stages.

Ranking after 2 routines  (Dynamic score in brackets)

1. Russia 1 (28.303)
2. China 2 (28.757)
3. GBR 1 (28.852)
4. Russia 2 (28.551)
5. Bulgaria (28.055)
6. Azerbaijan (27.365)
7. Ukraine 1 (28.126)
8. Ukraine 2 (27.870)

Session 5

Mixed Pair (DYNAMIC)

gbr_w.jpg The first Mixed Pair to take to the floor in the dynamic category, currently in second behind their teammates, opened with a rodoclar double tuck to wrap, immediately in to a double tuck overhead to dismount. Their routine was packed full of difficulty and executed well to score them 28.718. The Bulgarian Mixed Pair, who are currently 1.845 behind the leaders, completed a good routine, but had stumbles on their individual elements and scored 27.960.The South African pair, down in 12th needed a good dynamic performance to push them up, but made some big landing errors on their double pike and cradle along with scruffy artistry cost them and they were awarded 20.450 The British Mixed Pair, Illingworth and Cameron, who lie in 6th place after balance scored 9.2 for execution and 9.10 for artistry, giving them a score of 28.090 for their routine containing an impressive opening combination of pitch tuck salto to handstand, into a full twisting straight to back to hands, with a 2 and a quarter arabian to wrap, immediatly going in to a salto to back angl, slide to splits - an awesome opening. The South African pair (RSA 2) performed well, and scored 25.400 for their routine.  Belgium’s Mixed Pair sent their saltos sky high and made landings with slight steps but no major problems, and scored a 28.652 for an impressing routine. The Lithuanian partnership, who are currently last after one routine, improved on yesterdays performance, this time scoring 27.340. The American Mixed Pair who overnight were in 4th place, performed a solid, sharp and dramatic routine scoring them 28.601 and taking them up to second place. The Chinese partnership of, Xu and Hu opened with a good tuck re-catch, straight re-catch but a dubious double pike dismount, which lacked some shape. The partnership performed a strong remainder of the routine, scoring them 27.430.  The Ukrainian pair, made a strong opening with good landings and nice shapes and continued with energetic choreography, scoring 28.256. UKR 2 looked strong but made silly errors, including a line fault and poor tumbles, scoring 27.430. The Russian Mixed Pair who were in first place completed a beautiful routine, with strong elements, including a front double pike scoring 28.553. The Belarusians completed the Mixed pair dynamic category, with a score of 27.910.

Ranking after 2 routines. (Dynamic score in brackets)

1.Russia 1 (28.553)
2. Russia 2 (28.718)
3. USA (28.601)
4. Ukraine 1 (28.256)
5. GBR 1 (28.090)
6. Belarus 1 (28.910)
7. Bulgaria (27.960)
8. Belgium (28.652)
Women's Group (BALANCE)

gbr-trio_w.jpg The Netherlands were first up in the Womens Group Balance category and were doing well until they fell from their dead ant on one leg, with the top in crocodile. They were awarded 24.690 after a 0.9 penalty for their fall.  The Ukrainian trio (UKR 1) who are in 5th place after yesterdays competition performed a lovely Russian lever combo and completed a nice routine, scoring 28.407, a new standard to be beaten by the rest of the field.  The German Women's Group, currently in last place made time faults in a few of their balances which kept their score to 25.240. The British Women's group, from Harefield in London, Blacklock, Thompson and Feeney  whose needle scale on one arm bridge, with crocodile looked strong, with only a few tiny shaky moments throughout a clean routine with impressive choreography, scored 9.25 for execution 9.00 for artistic and an overall score of 28.040 with a combined score of 55.860. The score puts GBR 2 in second place with 9 and the combined routine still to go. The Australian trio, were in 11th place, and performed a routine with a variety of balance skills scoring 26.420 with the international judges. The Belgian Women's Group, who were in 3rd behind the two Russian trios yesterday, were all smiles with strong balances until their stack on bridge was wobbly, showing tiredness at the end of their routine, scoring 27.759 and placing them in 2nd place at the moment. The GBR 1 Women's Group, Lamkin, Grove and Morrison opened with a solid needle scale balance with planches and followed dead ant with top planche and a clean routine from the ladies from Spelthorne Elite Acrobatics, scoring 9.05 for artistry and 9.40 for execution with a total of 28.457 – a combined score of 56.607, putting them in first qualification place with 6 to go. Next to go were the Belarusian trio, who made slight wobbles on their opening element, went on to perform a feet on fee twith planche, which made the audience hold their breath, but managed to keep it in place well, scoring 27.710 after a penalty.  The 12th placed Ukrainian Women's Group, made a dodgy start, falling from their opening balance, causing them to stand still for a long period of time, which will cost them in their final score - the judges only awarded 24.890. The Russian trio (RUS 1), made a good start with their straddle press on plank on long arm and completed a good balance routine with solid elements scoring 28.611. The second Russian partnership (RUS2) who were in second place night also made a strong start with their combo on needle scale and bridge and completed a clean routine scoring 28.755 The Belarusian trio, had a few wobbles on their plank balance on long arm, but still impressed with the rest of their impressive balances, scoring 28.702, taking them to third with only the Chinese left. The partnership, who are currently in 8th place after one routine, performed a solid opening balance on splits with stack, press down on one arm and a great range of other balance skills executed well, scoring 28.701.

Ranking after 2 routines. (Balance score in brackets)

1. Russia 2 (28.755)
2. Russia 1 (28.611)
3. Belarus 1 (27.702)
4. GBR 1 (28.457)
5. Ukraine 1 (28.407)
6. China 1 ( 27.701)
7. Belgium (27.759)
8 Belarus 2 (27.710)

9. GBR 2 (28.040)

Session 4 

Women's Pair (DYNAMIC)
womens-pair-gbr_w.jpg The first Women's Pair of the day, from the Ukraine who after one routine were lying in 10th place, scored 27.070 for their dynamic routine, which contained a few minor mistakes, and a bad landing on double pike back from hands. The second Ukrainian pair, who were one place ahead of their teammates after one routine, dropped their angel to splits early on, which cost them, only scoring 26.200. The Chinese pair of Wei and Huang, made a few mistakes, scoring 26.970 overall.  RUS 2 Women's Pair, who are currently in 4th place, performed well and scored 27.840. The Belarusian Women's Pair of, Yushko and Murashko performed a clean routine with lots of twists and height in the saltos scored them 28.350 with the judges and gives them an overall score of 57.151, way ahead with 7 still to go. Their teammates, who are in 5th place BLR 2, also performed a great routine, scoring them 27.760. The second Chinese partnership, (CHN 2) scored 26.970 for their average routine with a few minor technical errors in catches to wrap. The German partnership scored 26.380 for their dynamic offering. The Azerbaijani Pair,  Ahmadova and Sultanova’s choreography was simple but effective, and performed a great, double pike overhead with lots of height in the middle of their routine. The judges awarded 27.940. The GBR Pair, Elizabeth Oliver and Katie Axten, who dropped in balance, leaving them at the bottom of the qualification results, wanted to improve on yesterdays performance did, and finished with a great double tuck salto after a highly-packed routine, scoring 28.320 and moving them into 7th overall with a score of 54.520 with two routines and the combined performance to go. The Russian Womesn Pair (1) who are current leaders were the penultimate Womens Pair to show their dynamic routine performed well and scored 28.590, keeping them in first place with a overall score, so far, of 57.396. The final Womens Pair dynamic routine was performed by Belgium, who were in 3rd place last night. The pair opened with rodoclar to Mexican to hands, straight back re-catch with a full-in tucked dismount and finished with a double tuck front from hands. The dramatic performance from the Belgian’s scored 28.600, pushing them into second position.

Ranking after 2 routines. (Dynamic score in brackets)

1.Russia (28.950)
2.Belgium (28.600)
3. Belarus 1 (28.350)
4. Russia 2 (27.840)
5. Azerbaijan (27.940)
6. Belarus 2 (27.760)
7. China 1 (26.970)
8. China 2 (26.970)

9. GBR 1 (28.320)

Men's Pair (BALANCE)

mens-pair_w.jpg Bulgaria began the balance competition for the Men's Pairs, with a clean but rather shaky routine scoring them 26.690. The GBR Mens Pair, Edward Upcott and Mark Fyson who are standing in 3rd place before their balance routine, opened with a cut through to one arm, sitting to flag and pushing to a perfect planche, and went on to show a near-perfect routine, scoring them 28.116 and taking their score after two routines to 56.067. The leaders after one routine, Yang and Chen from China made a few steps on their cannonball to one arm flag, but rectified their mistakes and did not fall, and completed the remainder of the combination. The routine scored them 27.773. The German Pair had a few errors in execution and scored 25.490. The Russian Mens Pair (1) who are currently in second place, opened with cut through to one arm straddle down and up to one arm flag, with the base moving from standing to sit and back up was executed excellently. Their clean routine went on to score them 28.825. The Hungarian Men's Pair made execution errors on a lot of their routine, with scruffy entry and exits, capping their balance score at 20.980. The Ukrainian Mens pair gave a solid performance earning them a score of 28.103. The Kazakhstani partnership performed well but lacked some style and height in their levers, although their planche combination near the end of the routine was performed well. The judges gave 27.350. The Ukrainian Men, (UKR 1) performed a slick routine containing a very well executed straddle on straddle to planche on planche and one arm flag on planche at the very end of the routine, scoring 28.400. The Portuguese Men made a few wobbles, scoring 27.812. The final Men's Pair, from Russia who were in 4th place after yesterday, finshed the round with a strong performance which scored them 28.815 with the judges. 

Ranking after 2 rountine (Balance score in brackets)

1. Russia 1 (28.825)
2. Russia 2 (28.815)
3. China 1 (27.773)
4. GBR 1 (28.116)
5. Ukraine 1 (28.400)
6. Portugal (27.812)
7. Kazakhstan (27.350)
8. Ukraine 2 (28.103)