The World Acrobatic Championship finals (2008) - British Gymnastics

The World Acrobatic Championship finals (2008)

gbr-medals_w.jpgA capacity crowd gathered at the Kelvin Hall Arena in Glasgow, to watch the greatest Acrobatic gymnasts battle to be crowned World Champion. Some amazing routines were on display with Russia dominating proceedings.

For British fans, two Bronze medal winning performances to celebrate! 

.....Bronze for Britain in Men’s Pair and in Men's Groups !! .....

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Session 10 - The Finals!

Men's Groups

gbr-mcassey-buckingham-uttley-sturt_w.jpgThe final session of the 21st Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships was opened by the Men's Group from Azerbaijan performing their combined routine. The group’s first skill was a one man based pyramid with one arm handstand, crocodile and straddle lever performed by the top, with transitions of the bases, which they held well. Their opening dynamic skill was pitch from hands of one base to handstand on top of a two man column back to land on the shoulders of the fourth man. The men performed well in this tough final, scoring 28.120. Bulgaria took to the podium second, opening their routine with a triple pike, with a landing which was slightly too assisted to be perfect. Their first balance, a 3 man column on shoulders with movement of the top from straddle to croc was sturdier than it was in qualification, the men also performed better, with smiles and confidence.Their final score from the international judges was 27.850 keeping them behind Azerbaijan. The first of the two Russian Men's Groups were next to perform, impressing the audience again with their swing double tuck re-catch, single tuck re-catch to dismount of a double tucked salto to cradle.Their strong choreography and difficult balances including a crocodile on top planche on a two-man based pyramid scored them 28.751 with the judges. Next to take to the floor, Adam McCassey, Adam Buckingham, Alex Uttley and Samuel Sturt representing Great Britain, defending GBRs current World Champion title in the Men's Group, and attempting to add Senior Men's Group Gold to the junior title they won in 2006. The men started their combined exercise with an impressive full twisting triple back from platform. Their first balance skill, a column on bridge with the top, Sturt, performing planche, pike lever back to planche whilst his based change position was also performed well. The synchronisation of the four was fantastic and their final balance, a 2 man based pyramid with straddle lever under croc on neck was held successfully and with style. The crowd went mental for the men, who scored 28.550 placing them in the Silver medal position and out of the World title, with Russia 1 and China still to go.The Russian Men took to the floor for the penultimate performance of the Championships looking completely focused and solid in their delivery of balance and dynamic skills. The planche on planche with two-base pyramid was another great ending to another near-perfect routine for the Russians scoring them 28.510 and putting them in the bronze medal place, with GBR holding on to the silver medal place. The final performance of the competition came from the Chinese Men's Group. The group looked confident and collected as they climbed to their first balance, a four high stack with movement of the top from handstand to planche, but a stumble on landing could cost them the World title.Their swing combo double pike re-catch, immediate double tuck re-catch with a double tucked dismount to cradle impressed the audience with great height and shapes in the air. A fantastic ending to a completely clean category, ending a completely clean day of competition at the 21st World Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships. 

Gold – Russia 2 – 28.751
Silver – China 2 – 28.720
Bronze – Great Britain – 28.550

Mixed Pairs

mxp-rus-1-sviridova-babarykin_w.jpgOpening the Mixed pair final, are Bykhavtsov and Zharnasek from Belarus who qualified in 6th place yesterday, will be looking to match the success of the Belarusian Women's pair who took Gold earlier today. Their Y-scale pull through to full split flag on long arm was held beautifully and was a great finale to a clean routine. They were awarded 28.080 by the judges, setting the score for the Mixed Pair competition. The expressive Belgian Mixed Pair began with a cut through to one armed Mexican and continued to show poise throughout their opening handstand combination. Their round off boosted overhead double straight was sky high and executed beautifully by the top. The audience really seemed to enjoy the dramatic and humorous performance and the judges awarded 28.601, and putting them in 1st place by 0.52 with four to go. The Russian partnership of Gorbatyuk and Barleben started their performance with a rodohclar double overhead to wrap, immediate double tuck overhead to land confidently. Their pull through to Mexican and double pike over head were also executed brilliantly, scoring them 28.801 with the judges, pushing them in to the Gold medal position at this stage. Ukraine 1, Burlachenko and Zabiyaka looked shaky in their one arm handstand opening balance but managed to hold on to the balance and appeared to be enjoying their performance and became more solid towards the end, scoring 28.390. Russian Mixed Pair Sviridova and Babarykin, (RUS 1) who have looked strong contenders for the Gold all competition impressed with their ring handstand on one arm with a bend by the base, which looked solid throughout the transition. Their pull through from splits to needle scale on one arm looked even more impressive this time round. The pair a definitely stronger in balance than dynamic but still managed a score of 28.813 putting them in gold medal position, with the USA finished things off. The American partnership proved their strength, as the only state-side competitors in the senior competition, holding their one arm combo steady. They performed a high and tight double pike with a good landing to round off an emotive routine to close the Mixed Pair competition. The judges awarded 28.801 leaving them in the Silver medal position, behind Russia 1 in Gold and in joint Silver with Russia 2, with a score of 28.801.

Gold – Russia 1 – 28.812
Silver – USA – 28.801 and Russia 2 – 28.801

Women's Groups

wg-blr-girut-motuz-starvichb_w.jpg The Belgian Women's Group started their category with a triple tucked salto and showed their balance skills with stack on splits with a Mexican two on one handstand to top planche immediately afterwards. The group, like in qualifications, gave a polished and well delivered performance, full of smiles, scoring them 28.054, setting the afternoons target for the remaining five partnerships to beat, including GBR’s Women's Group. The Ukrainian (1) trio of Nepytaeva, Varchuk and Gorbatenko opened with platform triple front and demonstrated their balance skills with a confident bridge stack followed by a second triple, this time a backward tuck. The judges award them, 28.010 putting them second in place with four to go. The Russian trio, Chistyakova, Stroynova and Loginova took to the floor, after qualifying in 4th place, opened with a triple pike to cradle which made the audience gasp. The rest of their routine was clean and confident, and showed a solid Russian on shoulders with the top in crocodile, to prove their all round talent to the judges. Their triple tuck to cradle near the end of the routine was also pushed sky high. The judges awarded them, 28.732. The second Russian trio (RUS2) opened their combined routine with double pike to cradle to box splits on shoulders and then a platform double pike to wrap, pass to wrap. Their dynamic skills were all fantastically executed and their tepee with Mexican and ring handstand was solid. The judges decided their performance was valued at 28.758 putting them in first position with GBR and Belarus still to perform. The next Women's Group to perform, representing Great Britain, were Casey Morrison, Emily Grove and Victoria Lamkin from Spelthorne Elite Acrobatics. The crowd showed amazing support as the girls walked on to the floor for their combined routine. The opening skill, pitch double straight to cradle to wrap was performed well and their opening balance of dead ant with top planche and ring handstand was also solid. The girls’ triple tuck was slightly pulled round the final rotation was performed better in this routine than in qualification. Again, like in the Men's Pairs category the audience gave them lots of support - and the judges scored them 28.359 putting them in third place, with the Belarus left to perform. The trio of Girut, Motuz and Starevich opened with pitch double pike and held their balances excellently, finishing off a clean an very tough Womens Group final, with a score of 28.400, placing them in the bronze position, knocking the GBR trio out of the medal placings. The final medals are Gold to Russia 2, Silver to Russia 1 and Bronze to Belarus, with GBR in 4th place, just 0.04 off a medal.

Gold – Russia 2 – 28.758
Silver – Russia 1 – 28.372
Bronze – Belarus – 28.400

4th – GBR – 28.359

Women's Pairs

wp-blr-yushco-murashkoa_w.jpg The first Women's Pair to take to the competition floor in the final of the 21st Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships, was Azerbaijani partnership A. Ahmadova and D. Sultanova. They opened with cut through to flag and lifted in to one arm flag, slide to splits with mexican handstand successfully. The pair, who have looked good all competition completed a near clean routine and not a bit out of place in the final, which is dominated by Russia and Belarus.The partnership gained a score of 28.140, setting the score to beat for the remainder of the competition. The Belarusian pair of Maraziuk and Kakhntuk who qualified in 5th place were next to perform, with an impressively solid two on one long arm Mexican and good quality dynamic skills, which scored them 28.154 with the judges. The first Russian Women to compete were Alexeeva and Fedorova (RUS 2) holding their Mexican on needle scale brilliantly and dancing beautifully, even under the pressure of a final. The judges scored 28. 350,placing them in Gold medal position with three to go. The second Russian’s to compete in this final were Khakimova and Plosskova, who qualified in the Bronze medal position, opened with straddle to planche to straddle press to handstand and Mexican on bridge. The double pike was slightly pulled over and a step was made in their dismount to wrap, which could cost them in such a close competition. The judges awarded 28.658 for their efforts. The Belgian Women's pair who have looked strong contenders for gold since practice early in the week made a great opening with their re-catches and handstand to planche on needle scale, which was lifted in to handstand – a very difficult move to master, and held for the correct 3 seconds require in balance elements.  The pair were awarded 28.716 by the international judges, which leaves them in gold medal place with only Belarus left to compete. The Women's Pair of Yushko and Murashko were the last pair to perform, as they qualified in first place, showed why they were in that place with their elegant a precise routine which rounded off an extremely clean competition in the Women's Pairs competition. They were awarded 28.740 which takes them in to the Gold medal spot. 

Gold - Belarus 1 - 28.740
Silver - Belgium - 28.716
Bronze - Russia 1 - 28.658
Men's Pair

mp-gb-fyson-upcottc_w.jpg The Portugese Men's Pair, Maia and Figueiredo opened the Mens Pairs with a clean routine, with only minor problems on their shoulder stand with handstand balance and faults on some landings, scoring them 27.580 for their final performance. The Chinese men, Yang and Chen were next to take to the floor opening with their impressive one arm combination, involving rotations and changes of base and top position throughout.The pair demonstrated their all-round ability by sticking their straight back re-catch, to straight twisting re-catch and scored 27.520, keeping them behind the Portugese. The first of the two Russian Men's Pair finalists, Pilipchuk and Dudchenko also held together their difficult one arm combination, like they have done in qualifications, making tricky work look easier than it is. The pairs, one arm straddle down on head impressed the audience as did their double twisting straight from pitch.The judges awarded 28.609 for their effort. The next partnership, of Upcott and Fyson from Great Britain opened with cut through one arm, to flag, pop to hands, with full twist to shoulders, executed brilliantly. The men showed strength in balance as well, with Upcott’s perfect planche looking solid. An amazing performance in front of a home crowd who more than showed their full support to the men from Spelthorne Elite Acrobatics. The judges awarded 28.503 for the routine, leaving them in the silver medal position with the Ukrainians and Russians still to compete. The Ukrainian pair, Cherbak and Popov, performed their routine well and had the required height their dynamic elements, which all looked sharp, in what is turning out to be a very tough final. They were scored 28.662 by the judges, taking them in to Gold medal position. The final men to compete are Spirin and Kotelnikov, representing Russia. The partnership which qualified in first position had it all to do if they want a Gold medal, any slight mistake could cost them. They performed a highly impressive top planche with closed legs, which was never going to falter at the end of their clean routine. The judge’s final score was 28.468, leaving them in 4th place.

Two fantastic opening finals, with clean routines high skill levels and a Bronze for GBR!

Gold - Ukraine 1 - 28.622
Silver - Russia 1 - 28.609
Bronze - Great Britain 1 - 28.503

Photos c/o Alan Edwards