Glasgow Grand Prix (2008) - British Gymnastics

Glasgow Grand Prix (2008)

van_gelder_w.jpgGlasgow, Friday 17 October 2008

British gymnasts qualify for 7 finals.
Britain’s Olympic hero Louis Smith qualifies for the Pommels Final, Kristian Thomas makes the High Bar and Floor, youngster Theo Seager the Vault and local boy Adam Cox the High Bar.

Marissa King, in her first competition since Beijing, makes the Beam and Vault finals.

For live scores from the Qualifications and the FINALS click here.

For the third weekend in a row The Kelvin Hall in Glasgow became the Cathedral of Gymnastics for the World’s greatest gymnasts.

The Glasgow Grand Prix is an important fixture in the World Series of events that will determine the World Cup Champion. Post Olympics is a difficult period for sport and training with a real effort required to re motivate.

British interests lie with Marissa King, Daniel Keatings, Kristian Thomas, Theo Seager, Adam Cox, Louis Smith and Ruslan Panteleymonov. The first day is all about qualifying and the British Squad have done well.



Isaac Botella, ESP, opened a terrific double straight but was a candidate for B jury form deductions with some wild tumbling shapes, 14.475.

Kristian Thomas,GBR, 2 1/2 twist punch front, 1 3/4 straight Arabian roll out and double Arabian, from 16.1, 15.05.

brazil_m.jpg Diego Hypolito, BRA, a legend already, double piked Arabian front, 2 1/2 to front full to 1 3/4 front roll out, double tucked Arabian, from 16.6, 15.675.

Tomas Gonzales, CHI, opened double Arabian as near straight as it could be,

Elftherios Kosmidis, GRE, a big start double double straight,

Ruslan Panteleymonov,GBR, a fantastic start, double Arabian to straight front, double Arabian half out punch front 1 1/4 with full twist, but a damaged anckle ended his routine early.







Ruslan Panteleymonov – post fall on floor routine

“To be honest I’m very disappointed with the fall in my floor routine, and really upset.  It’s my first Grand Prix representing Great Britain and I wanted to do well.  I was ready for the competition, I felt alright before the routine, I was pretty happy with my first tumble, it went well, but when I came to the second tumble I landed a bit to short and I felt a crack in my ankle.  I tried to do the third tumble but I couldn’t; my ankle felt so weak, and I had to stop.”

Andre Popov – British Men’s National Coach

“Ruslan should be out for maybe two or three weeks, then he’ll be ok. I think he had a difficult element: the connection from a back somersault into a front somersault. The moment before take off his leg twisted sideways. I think it’s a soft tissue injury but it’s not too bad. Nothing to worry about.”


Dan Keatings, GBR, with a new exercise and increased difficulty he opened well. Triple Russians between the handles but through Flair spindles around the handles he fell. 13.95 from a 16.00 start, just short of the finals top 8.

Louis Smith, GBR, not his cleanest but extreme difficulty, shear half, flop, Wu, triple Russians, Magyar, Shivado, dismount handstand turns three zones, from 16.1, 14.75 to qualify for the final.

Alexander Suprun, UKR, a great routine up to the dismount, triple Russians between the handles, Wu and triple Russians on the end, Magyar to Shivado but a pressed dismount. 14.625

Kristian Berki, HUN, a massively long flop series, shears to handstand, then a long slow beautiful swing all across the horse to a clean but relatively weak dismount, 14.85 from a 15.8 start.

Dimitri Stolyarov, RUS, clean until a heavy dismount but a neat full spin on one handle.


Vid Hidvegi, HUN, Honma to support swing to HS, double front dismount,

Konstantin Pluznikov, RUS, perfect Maltese and front uprise to Maltese, double straight full dismount, 15.575, 6.5 difficulty.

Theo Seager, GBR, back uprise to planche, double Honmas tucked and piked, triple back dismount, with 5.3 difficulty, 13.65.

Alexander Vorobiov, UKR, Maltese rise to inverted cross, Jonasson to Maltese, double pike front dismount, 16.25 from 7.1 difficulty.

Yuri Van Gelder, NED, back roll to half lever cross rise to inverted cross, double straight dismount 16.275, 7.0 difficulty.

Irodotos Georgalas, CYP, Maltese rise to inverted cross, roll to cross, double straight, 15.275.

Kristian Thomas, GBR, excellent swing Jonasson and double straight full dismount, 13.7. 


Marek Lyszczarz, POL, Roche to a perfect still landing, 16.225.

Theo Seager, GBR, 2 1/2 twisting Tsukahara, 16.1, Roche but touch down, 15.475. Average 15.788.

Thomas Gonzales, CHI, Tzukahara 2 1/2 and Tzukahara double twist, 15.588 average.

Thomas Bouhail, double Tukahara piked, 16.4 and Roche tucked, 16.2, great vaulting. 16.3 average.

Evgeni Sapronenko, LAT, a deep Roche and a deeper double tuck Tsukahara, 15.25


Samuel Piasecky, SVK, undersomersault  hand stand, back giant, back giant double tuck, Healy, Diamidov, Biloserchev, double pike, 15.225.

Adam Cox, GBR, one bar stoop, lift, Tippelt, Stutz, double pike, 14.6.

Dimitry Stolyarov, RUS, undersomersault, back giant half, Moy, Healy, Stutz, double front to upper arms, double front dismount.

Alexander Baladin, RUS, clean and smart, back giant and back giant double, front somersault straddle, double pike dismount, 14.675.

Vasileios Tsolakidis, from upper arms Diamidov and Makuts (Vasileios 1), from support double front piked, 6.1 difficulty and 15.125 scored.


Epke Zonerland, NED, 2 attempts at Kovacs full twist and off twice.

Aljaz Pegan, SLO, the legend goes on, 20 years at World level and still the best, double front half to catch, perfect turns in and through handstand Healys, triple tuck to a perfect landing, 15.7.

Adam Cox, GBR, Kovacs, Tkachev straddled, Def, triple back dismount, 14.475.

Kristian Thomas, GBR, Tkachevs straight and straddled, double straight dismount, 14. 65.



Aagje Vanwalleghem –BEL – qualified 1st on Vault

“My vault was ok, it as better than I expected. My landing sometimes doesn’t work! So I was a bit unsure about that but it went very well. Tomorrow in the finals I will try to do my routine as well as I did it today so it should be ok! I like Glasgow, I was here two years ago but I only did bars. But I like Glasgow and the competition has been fine.”

Marissa King, GBR, Tsukahara straight with full twist, 13.8 and handspring piked front, 13.55. 


Marissa King, GBR, good leaps and jumps, standing Arabian, front somersault, flip layout to 2 feet, free walkover to side somersault, free walkover to 2 feet, double tuck back dismount, 14.65 for a finals place.




Marissa King – GBR- qualified 4th on Vault and 2nd on Beam

“I’m really really pleased with my Beam routine, probably one of the best routines I think I've ever done. Vault - hopefully big it up even more for tomorrow and get myself into the top three.”

“After the Games it was really tough because I psychologically and physically went down a bit after a peak, and its been pretty difficult to work back up to top fitness, its kind of been a big crawl to get into shape to compete here, but its good to be back in competition mode in preparation for next year.”



Sanne Wevers, NED, very nice routine, quality and precision, ariel to ariel, free walkover to arabesque, 14.55.


Alina Kozich, UKR, double pike, handspring font double twist, double twist back somersault, 2 1/2 twist back, 13.6.


Sanne Wevers – NED – qualified 1st on Asymmetrical Bars

“I was very happy with my bars routine, it was good but I did something that wasn’t originally in my routine so tomorrow I might do it differently. I hope I’ll do well tomorrow in the finals. I think the atmosphere here at the Grand Prix is really lovely.”