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Introducing our Disability Gymnastics Ambassadors

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With the 2016 Paralympic Games underway and the eyes of the world focussed on the incredible achievements of Paralympic athletes across all sports we’re proud to announce that we have enlisted four Disability Gymnastics Ambassadors to act as inspiring role models within Disability Gymnastics.

British Gymnastics is world renowned and recognised by the International Gymnastics Federation for our disability gymnastics programme that ensures gymnastics is adapted to suit the needs of each gymnast.

Since the launch of the I’M IN programme over three years ago, an increasing number of gymnastics clubs have committed to developing inclusive opportunities. Within our gymnastics community, we now have more than 200 clubs offering specific Disability Gymnastics sessions, with many more ensuring that their mainstream offer is inclusive and accessible for all.

To support this effort and to inspire more disabled people to get involved in our sport, we want to showcase the opportunities that exist for everyone in gymnastics, from recreational, grassroots gymnastics up to elite levels.

Our Disability Gymnastics Ambassadors will enable us to do just that – they want to share their story within our sport and encourage others to give it a try. The Ambassadors speak about their experience in gymnastics, what they have achieved and what they love about it. They tell other disabled people how inclusive they have found gymnastics to be, in clubs up and down the country.

Our Ambassadors show that disability is not a barrier, and they act as inspiring role models within Disability Gymnastics.

Meet our Disability Gymnastics Ambassadors-

- Alex Buesnel
- Tiri Hughes
- Skye Swinton
- Natasha Coates