Gymnastics participation continues to rise - British Gymnastics

Gymnastics participation continues to rise


The latest Sport England ‘Active People Survey’ (APS) today reports a 15,000 increase in weekly gymnastics participation of those aged 16+, rising from 49,500 in June to more than 65,100 in December 2016. To be counted, participation must equal at least 30 minutes of gymnastics per week.

This good news builds on our previous report of an impressive 100,000 increase in recreational gymnastics members since the 2012 Olympic Games. With a spike in interest recorded during the 2016 Rio Games, the future continues to look bright for gymnastics.

Dave Marshall, Participation Director comments “We are delighted with the APS results and it reflects the positive trend we are seeing in our own records. We’ve been actively building capacity supporting facility developments, with £1million invested this year via our Sport England partnership.

"We’ve had three quarters of a million visits to our Discover Gymnastics website this year which helps people find their local club. Recreational gymnast members increased by 13% in 2016 and independent research this year confirmed there are 1.1 million people participating in gymnastics each month. We are certainly very excited about the future and seeking new partners to help us deliver gymnastics and meet demand.”