Championship Series in focus - TeamGym - British Gymnastics

Championship Series in focus - TeamGym

The TeamGym competition takes place on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 at Echo Arena, Liverpool, as part of four action-packed days of the 2017 British Gymnastics Championship Series. Here’s all you need to know about TeamGym, and why you should make sure you’re there at the end of this month.

This is performed on a 14m x 18m non-sprung floor area, to instrumental music. It emphasises good, smooth teamwork and expressive presentation. You are allowed between six and twelve gymnasts on the floor. For mixed teams, there must be an even number of men and women. All team members must perform the floor programme.

The floor programme consists mainly of gymnastic elements and meticulous choreography. A fluent and good technical performance, properly linked movements, certainty of execution and synchronisation as well as expressive presentation is the aim.

Each routine should have two pirouettes, two balance/power elements, two jumps/leaps and one combination of two elements. Women’s teams also have to include body waves; men’s teams swing movements of the body and the mixed teams perform work in pairs (such as lifts or throws).

Each floor routine must include six patterns or shapes on the floor. The way the gymnasts move in and out of these shapes is important. Simple walking and simple arm swinging will not get many points – even if they are all together. The emphasis should be on whole body gymnastics – the bigger acrobatic moves come in the other disciplines.

Teams perform tumbling series on a 15m tumbling track with good ‘streaming’ i.e. consecutively and quite close to each other. This can produce a very dynamic and entertaining section of the sport. The evenness of the streaming is very important.

The complete programme is performed to music with each team performing three different rounds. Each series must consist of at least three different acrobatic elements, without intermediate steps. All members of the team must perform the same series for the first round.

Although you are allowed between six and twelve gymnasts on the floor, you only need to put six forward for each tumble pass. These can be different gymnasts for each one, provided they are in the floor routine. Mixed teams must put forward three boys and three girls for each pass.

Look out for nice flowing tumbles and controlled landing on the landing area. The gymnasts do not have to stand still at the end of their run, but must show control as they move out the way for the next tumbler.

Teams perform somersaults on trampet with good streaming. A part of the trampet programme is performed on a vault table. Like tumbling, the complete programme is performed to music with each team performing three different rounds with six gymnasts in each. The first round they should all perform the same element.

The streaming and complexity of the elements produces some very exciting moments in this sport and again a controlled landing is important. Look out for twisting double somersaults. It is a safety requirement that two coaches stand in the landing area.

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