Championship Series in focus - aerobic gymnastics - British Gymnastics

Championship Series in focus - aerobic gymnastics

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In just over a week's time, from the 27-30 July, four gymnastics disciplines will take centre stage as part of the 2017 British Gymnastics Championship Series at Echo Arena, Liverpool. As part of our continued build-up to what is sure to be an action-packed weekend, we caught up with aerobic gymnast Lola Lawrence to see what her aspirations are for the Championship Series. At 11 years old, she is already making moves on the international circuit.

What was it that made you want to try aerobic gymnastics, and how long have you been competing?
“I really wanted to be able to do the splits and be flexible, so I started at Weston AGC when I was six and I’ve been competing for four years.”

What is it you enjoy most about aerobic gymnastics?
“I love the combination of dance and dynamic moves and how it incorporates all the different styles of gymnastics.”

You’ve already got a lot of highlights to pick from, but what’s been your best moment so far?
“In my first year in the category I got the highest international and national group one individual score ever. I also won a bronze medal for GBR with my trio in the world cup in Portugal.”

Are there any secrets to your success?
“I try and turn my competition nerves into good energy before I walk on to the floor so I can be the best I can be every time. I prioritise my training so I can always deliver my best in a session.”

Why should people come and watch you and all of the other aerobic gymnasts this weekend?
“Aerobics is fast and exciting with lots of different moves and themes in the routines. The theme of my routine is Frozen; I love pretending to be Queen Elsa and my leotard looks like Elsa’s dress!”

What are your hopes for the Championship Series?
“If I win all three categories I am entered in, it will be three home competitions in a row that I have done this. I want to push myself as much as I can as an athlete and make other people see how good aerobic gymnastics is to watch and do.”

What are your hopes for the future?
“To carry on working as hard as I can in training so I can win a world title.”

If you want to see Lola or her fellow aerobic gymnasts in action, tickets are still available for all four days of the Championship Series. Get your tickets now.