Meet The World Games team – Tumbling

Great Britain will be represented at the 2017 World Games with two tumbling gymnasts, Lucie Colebeck and Elliot Browne, we caught up with them ahead of the trip to Poland…

Lucie Colebeck

Age: 21

What is your Proudest Moment?

My proudest moment as a gymnast has got to be competing in the finals at the 2015 World championships. As some people are aware that I was going through a mental block at the time and out of know where I did the skill in which I had the block on. To know that after months and months of going through the stressful times that I could actually do the skill when it was needed was the best feeling ever. Being on the other end of the phone call to my personal coach Vladimir Podobin after coming out of the arena and hearing him say he was proud of me is a feeling I'll never forget. 

Why do you enjoy your discipline?

I love my discipline purely because it's a phenomenal sport. Tumbling is not just powerful, explosive and fast but it's also elegant and graceful to watch. People sometimes call it the 100m of gymnastics. It's such an amazing discipline to watch let alone perform.

One thing that people may not know about you...

One thing people might not know about me is that I started swimming when I was 4 years old wanting to carry on doing that for my career however my swimming coach told me to move to gymnastics as I wasn't as suited for swimming as I thought.... safe to say I'm not too upset about leaving swimming for tumbling!!

What is your aim for the World Games?

My aim for the World Games is to go out there and perform my routines to the best of my ability and make my country as proud as I am to be representing them.

Where can people follow your journey?

You can follow my journey either on Twitter (@luciecolebeck23) Instagram (@luciecolebeck) Facebook (Lucie Colebeck) or subscribe to me on YouTube (Lucie Colebeck)

Elliot Browne

Age: 20

What is your proudest moment?

My proudest moment was winning the Junior World Championships in Daytona Beach Florida in 2014 after the prelims the Russian boy was in front by a lot but with a zero final and the wisdom of Craig Lowther in the final I produced my best routine to put pressure on the Russian who made a mistake to make me the World Age Champion

Why do you enjoy your discipline?

I like the tumbling discipline because it is a fast explosive sport the 100-metre sprint of gymnastics.

One thing that people may not know about you..

I only started elite tumbling at the start of 2012, where I made the commitment to travel between my two club’s Harlequins and Wakefield where I train 4 times a week at Wakefield with Zoe Styles and Craig Lowther and 2 times at harlequins with Nikki Grundy it's a big commitment but to be the best in the world you have to do things like this.

What is your aim for the World Games?

My aim at the World Games is to complete two clean routines to my feet and qualify for the final, then see where it goes from there with my new routines I feel I can be competent I’ve to be in the medals 

Where can people follow your journey?

You can follow my journey on Instagram elliott_browne or twitter elliottbrowne_