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Our volunteers are amazing!

Volunteers 2017 Champ Series3
With a record crowd of over 5000 gymnastics enthusiasts present for the 2017 British Gymnastics Championship Series last weekend, our incredible volunteers were on hand, ensuring all parts of the event ran smoothly.

More than 100 volunteers were in attendance across the four day event which showcased the diversity of our great sport.

Volunteers play such a crucial role in gymnastics every week, and with the weekend hosting acrobatic, aerobic, rhythmic, TeamGym and the GB Gym for Life Challenge, it took a dedicated group to ensure everything went well.

Geoff Grant, Volunteering Support and Development Manager said: “Gymnastics is incredibly fortunate to have such a committed and diverse army of volunteers. I never cease to be amazed by how selfless our volunteers are – by volunteering they are giving us their commitment, energy, passion and their precious time, a massive sacrifice in a busy, modern world. They are simply awesome.”

Kate Walsh emailed British Gymnastics just over a month ago, having seen a volunteering promotion in the weekly Gymblast email that goes out to fans of the sport. Four weeks later, Kate and her daughter Hermione were undertaking various tasks to help the event run efficiently.

Kate said: “To see the running of the whole competition, the work involved is incredible. Whenever I come to an event to watch again, I’ll know what’s going on behind the scenes, which you normally just take for granted. It’s been really interesting.”

Hermione, 14, explained what she got up to over the course of the weekend: “I’ve been on the accreditation desk, seeing most of the gymnasts come in, and my favourite part was probably filming. We got to go right next to the competition floor. You get so close to the gymnasts and get to see their routines.

“It’s been an amazing experience. It puts a whole new aspect on it all. I would definitely volunteer again. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

It’s now easier than ever to become a volunteer and get involved. If you are interested in volunteering on a committee, at a club or at a future event, you can become part of our vibrant gymnastics family.  

Register your interest today.