Successful qualifying completed at World Championships - British Gymnastics

Successful qualifying completed at World Championships


Qualifying is complete at the 2017 trampoline, tumbling and DMT World Championships in Sofia with GBR adding five more finals. Our men’s and women’s double mini trampoline teams both qualified for the finals with Kirsty Way (4th) and Andrew Houston (7th) qualifying individually. In the men’s synchronized trampoline event Nathan Bailey and Luke Strong qualified for the finals placing in 4th.

The finals begin later today (Friday) with the men’s DMT team final, women’s tumbling team final and women’s trampoline team finals for GBR.

The men’s double mini trampoline qualifying was first up. World Games gymnast Andrew Houston was the first to compete for GBR, he opening pass was nicely completed scoring him 35.900. His second twisting routine was very impressive, his huge mile on landing indicating how happy he was it scored 36.400 for a total of 72.300 points to take him in to the final. Reece Noden was next up, unfortunately he lost his line and landed off the matt for a zero score. He was much happier with his second pass which scored him 33.700 marks. Daniel Berridge showed high difficulty with his first pass with a step on landing scoring him 35.400. His second pas had too much trajectory off the DMT meaning he couldn’t perfect his landing scoring him 24.600 for a total of 60 points. British champion Benjamin Atkins was last up scoring 35.100 for his first pass following it up with 34.700 to score a total of 69.800 points. The team total of 211.200 points was enough to qualify in 4th for the final.

Beth Williamson got our women’s DMT qualifying started, her first pass was solid with a step to the right on landing scoring 31.700. Her second pass was really well performed scoring 32.700 to give her a qualifying total of 64.400 points. Kim Beattie followed with her first DMT pass scoring 33.800. and her second a score of 27.500 for an impressive overall qualifying score of 67 points. Phoebe Williams executed her first pass well and scored a very impressive 34.200 points, her second routine scoring 32.700 for 66.900 points. British champion Kirsty Way started confidently and posted a score of 33.500 for her opening pass, her second routine was high on difficulty and she nailed it scoring a massive 35.200 for a total of 68.700 points to take her in to the final. The team scored 202.600 to qualify in third place.

Nathan Bailey and Luke Strong were our sole synchronized trampoline pairing at these championships, they posted a great opening "set" routine scoring them 41.800. They fought well to stay synchronized in their second more difficult voluntary routine to score an impressive 50.900 for a total of 92.700 points to make the final.