Brilliant tumbling bronze for Elliott Browne - British Gymnastics

Brilliant tumbling bronze for Elliott Browne


Elliott Browne produced two superb routines to take World Championship tumbling bronze for Great Britain on the final day of the 2017 trampoline, tumbling and DMT World Championships in Sofia.

Elliott was hugely impressive to score 75.500 points, equal to the silver medal gymnast, with Elliott given bronze on a tie break rule (which adds the total execution scores). There were brilliant results for Kristof Willerton who finished 5th in the tumbling final and Kirsty Way who placed 6th in the DMT final with notable performances also coming in the individual trampoline from Laura Gallagher (10th) and Izzy Songhurst who placed 12th in her first senior World Championships.

Elliott said after: “It makes all the training and hard work worthwhile. I’ve had my ups and downs coming in to this but training out here has been great and that gave me a lot of positivity going in to the final. I was first up so felt like I had nothing to lose and had the chance to put down a good score. Waiting for the final gymnast to compete I was so nervous then when the finals scores came up I burst in to tears, it’s amazing!”


Elliott Browne was the first man to compete in the tumbling final and set the benchmark with a superb first difficult pass scoring an impressive 37.500 points. He went for the big final skill on his second pass and nailed it, a huge smile on his face after completing the routine for a score of 38 points to give him a total of 75.500 and the bronze medal.

Kristof Willerton won the World title in Sofia back in 2015 and was in great form again in the 2017 final. His opening pass had a small step forward at the end but otherwise superb for a score of 37.700 points. His second pass didn’t have the difficulty scoring him 37 points for a total score of 74.700 and 5th place

In the women’s double mini trampoline final Kirsty Way produced a good first pass, the World Games gymnast landing slightly off centre scoring 30.300 points. Her second routine was high on difficulty, she got a lot of power off the DMT on dismount but controlled it well for an impressive 32.200 and a final total of 62.500 points to finish in 6th place.

The day had started with the individual trampoline semi-finals. This involved the top 24 ranked gymnasts from qualifying competing one routine with the top eight gymnasts then progressing through to the final.

Luke Strong was our first man up and took his time to settle before beginning his routine. He unfortunately couldn’t control the travel across the trampoline on his second skill and fell for a score of 6.680 (24th). Nathan Bailey began his routine well but then travelled too close to the end deck of the trampoline and couldn’t generate the power to continue his skills, he had to end his routine for a score of 12.395 points (22nd).

Izzy Songhurst was our first woman in action, she competed well in her first senior final showing no sign of nerves, she completed her routine for a score of 54.230 points and a very impressive 12th place. Laura Gallagher was in the second group of qualifiers and put in a great performance for a score of 54.420 to place her 10th in the World, just two spots of the final. Kat Driscoll was last up; she had to fight through her first skills as she travelled across the bed eventually stopping her routine near her final elements she scored 41.490 for 20th place.

The championships close with Great Britain winning gold with our men’s tumbling team; silver for our women’s DMT and tumbling teams and synchronized trampoline pair Nathan Bailey and Luke Strong; and bronze for our women’s trampoline team and for tumbling gymnasts Lucie Colebeck and Elliott Browne.

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