Joshua and Joe join the senior ranks - British Gymnastics

Joshua and Joe join the senior ranks

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This week the senior men’s squad have been at Lilleshall National Sports Centre for their opening training camp of 2018.

In attendance for the first time as seniors were Joshua Nathan from City of Birmingham and Joe Cemlyn-Jones from Falcons who are the latest additions to the squad.  

We caught up with both of them to find out what it’s been like.

How has it been this week training with the seniors?
Joshua: "It’s been really good training with the other big guys, it’s really inspirational training with them, looking up to them, training alongside them. I’ve seen them from such a young age and it’s nice to now finally be a part of that team and part of that atmosphere in the gym."
Joe: "It’s been great fun. I’ve trained with a few of them before and it’s very inspiring to see what they do. It’s good to see the skills that they do and the skills that I do to see the similarities and differences."

Have the other guys in the squad been giving you much advice throughout the week?
Joshua: "They’re very helpful and there’s a great team atmosphere that really lift your spirits and gets you pumped ready for your routines. They’re great guys to train with."
Joe: "I was doing squat halves on high-bar at the same time Dan Purvis was doing squat halves and I was trying to compare them, asking tips and what he thinks during a skill and he was giving me tips and pointers. Things like that really help with improving individual skills."

Moving from the juniors to seniors, have you changed much in your training?
Joshua: "I’m still at school doing my a-levels, so I can’t do full-time training yet but I would like to do that soon. Coming here to Lilleshall to do these training camps, training twice a day is really beneficial but it is quite tough."

And what are your hopes for the year?
Joshua: "I’m hoping to place reasonably well at the British Championships, and to try and establish myself as a senior gymnast."
Joe: "By the end of the year I want to be doing all six apparatus, scoring well all-around and just competing clean and consistent routines."

You can see Joshua and Joe as well as their teammates at the 2018 Gymnastics British Championships in March. Get your tickets.