Team Scotland's Hamish Carter ready for first Commonwealth Games - British Gymnastics

Team Scotland's Hamish Carter ready for first Commonwealth Games

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Second year senior and City of Birmingham gymnast Hamish Carter is eager for more than just experience when he heads out to Australia’s Gold Coast to represent Team Scotland at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in April.

We caught up with Hamish to get his thoughts on representing Team Scotland and his hopes for the competition…

Hamish, congratulations on making Team Scotland, how excited are you?
"I’m very excited. This is a huge multi-sport event. I did a European multi-sport event a few years ago as a junior for Great Britain but this, as I’ve heard from other people, is on another level. I’m really focused on performing well in the gym. The gymnastics then finishes at the end of the first week, so I’ll have a great opportunity to enjoy some downtime, especially being with the guys that I’ve trained with for years which makes it all the better."

So how has the selection process played out?
"It’s taken place over a year period with two phases. The first phase being the first half of 2017 and the second phase the second half of 2017. During that time we had to hit certain scores. That time has also given me a year or so to mull over the decision to move; I'm really happy that I made that decsision and very proud to now represent Team Scotland."

What’s it going to be like competing for Team Scotland?
"Because I’ve only just really moved up in to the senior squad, I’ve never had the opportunity to compete with the likes of Daniel Purvis and Frank Baines and even some of the other guys. We all know each other but it’ll be a new experience to compete with them. Dan and Frank, and the other boys in the squad from Scotland, Kelvin Cham and David Weir, they’re great lads that I’ve known for a long time. I think we’re just excited to be in Australia and compete as Scotland in the Commonwealth Games."

And competition time will soon come around. What are your hopes for The Games?
"I hope to quality for the floor and high bar final, those two being my strongest pieces. Also, as a team, I think we’re hopeful for a team medal, and we have a silver medal to try and defend from Glasgow in 2014. There’s two that qualify for the all-around competition so I’ll be up against Dan and Frank to try and go for that. Whatever happens on the day, it encourages competition between us and that gets the best out of us."

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