Joe Fraser ‘fully fit and firing on all cylinders’ - British Gymnastics

Joe Fraser ‘fully fit and firing on all cylinders’

Joe Fraser9
In 2017 Joe Fraser won the British all-around title in his first year as a senior. After suffering an ankle injury early in 2018, Joe is back and ready for the European Championships, hoping to carry on where he left off.

Firstly, how pleased are you to be back in the team for the European Championships?
"I’m really proud of myself to have come back so quickly after my ankle injury and to have brought myself back to peak physical fitness. I’m just proud of myself and the support network I’ve got behind me to bring me back fighting fit ready for the Euros.

"I’m really proud and thankful to everyone that has got me back to this point. I’m back on all apparatus doing my full routines, if not more, so I’m looking forward to showing off the new elements I’ve got."

With this being your first team senior European’s, how much are you looking forward to it?
"Obviously it’s a completely different environment because three people go up on each apparatus and each score counts so it’s going to be good fun to get out there and know that every routine we do is going to count towards the team. It’s going to be good for us to get used to that sort of pressure, ready for the future."

What’s it like being part of this team?
"It’s really good fun. We always push each other in the gym. We know when to have a laugh and when to be focussed which is a good thing. I’m sharing a room with Courtney and he loves a good laugh so it makes it more relaxed before competition. . For sure, this team, I couldn’t ask for anyone better to be competing with."

What are your own personal goals in Glasgow?
"I’m looking to do all my routines clean and any finals that come off the back of that I’ll be happy with. Mainly it’s just showing that I’m fully fit to the whole of Europe and I’m back firing on all cylinders."

The senior men’s competition starts this Thursday. Find out how you can follow the action.