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Laura Gallagher targeting world final in Russia

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Fresh off the back of winning bronze at the Loule World Cup last month, Laura Gallagher is fired up and ready for the 2018 Trampoline, Tumbling and DMT World Championships.

The competition starts tomorrow (Wednesday 7th) with both the men’s and women’s trampoline qualifications. We caught up with Laura to find out how her preparation has been and what she’s hoping to achieve this week.

How much confidence does winning a medal at the World Cup give you going in to the World Championships?
"It was a really good competition and I’m really happy with how I handled myself both mentally and physically.

"They weren’t perfect routines but I was more happy with how I controlled the mistakes that I made which led to winning a bronze medal. It gives me a lot of confidence knowing that they weren’t my absolute best routines but they still managed to put me in contention."

That must’ve been the perfect start to your preparation then?
"It really was. As well as giving me confidence, it’s helped my preparation to be as smooth as possible. We trained up at Lilleshall for three weeks prior to worlds, which is always good, training in and around the team. We’re all on the same journey with the same mission, so that’s been really helpful."

What’s it like being around the team on training camp?
"The fact that we all know what the end goal is as a group but also individually, is really helpful, especially going in to a major championship.

"Everyone around you knows exactly what you’re trying to achieve, so there’s a good level of focus and motivation whenever you come on a squad training camp."

What are your hopes for the competition?
"My goal is to lay down two strong routines in qualifying and in the semi-finals to hopefully make the world final. I just missed out last year which was a big disappointment for me, so I would love to qualify for the final this year."

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