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Does your gymnastic club need Health & Safety support?

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Have you ever found yourself needing the answer to any of the FAQ’s below and don’t know who to ask?

- What are my Health & Safety responsibilities?
- How do I undertake a risk assessment?
- What checks do I need to do and how often?
- When is an accident reportable?
- Who do I report accidents to?

If so, then this is where Agility will be able to help you. Below is an article from Agility which we hope you will find useful:

There may be many aspects that might get overlooked when running a gymnastic club. Health & Safety is an area where corners can often get cut and doing so can lead to fines, imprisonment and disqualifications.

What seem to be tiny details, can actually result in you breaking the law. Such as;
- Not holding Health & Safety committee meetings. Club Owners must consult their workforce on Health & Safety matters.
- The law requires you to display your employers' liability insurance certificate so that all of your employees can access it.
- If you employ anyone, you must display the Health & Safety law poster, or provide each worker with a copy of the approved leaflet or equivalent pocket card. You must display the poster where your workers can easily read it.
- Reporting and recording of accidents is a legal requirement. The report tells the enforcing authorities for occupational Health & Safety (HSE and local authorities) about serious incidents and cases of disease.
- Businesses using temporary workers or agency staff must provide the same level of Health & Safety protection for them as they do for employees.

Detailed by the HSE, Health & Safety law states that organisations must:
- Assess risks to employees, customers, contractors and any other people who could be affected by their activities;
- Arrange for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of preventive and protective measures;
- Have a written Health & Safety policy if they employ five or more people;
- Ensure they have access to competent Health & Safety advice;
- Consult employees about their risks at work and current preventive and protective measures.

Failure to comply with these requirements can have serious consequences – for both the club and individuals. All responsible club owners want to provide a safe working environment for their employees, coaches, gymnasts and visitors. Therefore, appropriate Health & Safety processes help educate and protect your employees, ensuring that they have the necessary guidance to deal with their working environment.

On GymNet under 'Health & Safety”, there are Health & Safety Management System and Guidance documents available for you and your club to use. Within those guidance documents there are relevant templates such as risk assessments, accident investigation forms and medical questionnaires. If you require further Health & Safety advice, please make use of Agility’s dedicated helpline for gymnastics clubs. The help and guidance from Agility is part of your membership.

You can contact Agility at any time with your Health & Safety query using any of the contact methods below:

Tel: 01527 571612