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Meet the National Safeguarding Award and Gymnastics Award for Equality & Inclusion nominees

On 26th January at Birmingham Town Hall our National Awards will recognise and celebrate the incredible achievements of the most inspirational people within our gymnastics community.

Earlier in 2018 we introduced you to all of the nominees, but we are delighted to now bring you some more information about each individual, and why they have been shortlisted for one of the awards. Here take a further look at two of the awards that will be presented on the night

The National Gymnastics Award for Equality and Inclusion is one of those, and recognises an individual or organisation that has demonstrated their ability, commitment and enthusiasm to reducing inequalities and widening access for their community, through an inclusive gymnastics environment for all who want to be involved.

Congratulations and good luck to our final three nominees.

Kelly Morrow (Club GymFun)
Kelly’s enthusiasm and dedication to making a difference has resulted in her bringing joy to numerous children with disabilities who are now hooked on gymnastics. That dedication extends beyond the club, as she also influences the gymnastics and coaching community across Northern Ireland. Kelly developed Club GymFun’s first dedicated gymnastics class, which has grown significantly and now has a waiting list which goes to show the incredible job she has done.

Nuneaton Gymnastics Club
Committed to inclusivity, Nuneaton, thanks to the volunteers, coaches, and executive team, have successfully delivered gymnastics for all, from preschool to adult gymnastics during 2018. The club continue to make an impact in the local community through running disability taster days, beginning a disability recreational session, and running school, adult and university sessions. The Young Leaders at the club have also been recognised in the local community.

Woking Gymnastics Club
Woking continue to provide additional opportunities and support for members, but also work regularly with community partners to give those outside of the club the chance to take part. In the last 12 months the club have added a weekly preschool class to their programme, and have reached around 120 new participants at local Sure Start centres, making the sport accessible to underrepresented groups. The club have also reached five new disability organisations, running dedicated sessions for these groups free of charge.

Another award that will presented on the night is the National Safeguarding Award which recognises an individual who has delivered a committed and enthusiastic service to the welfare and safeguarding of children within the gymnastics environment.

Congratulations and good luck to the following three final nominees.

Christine Cason
Christine does a huge amount to ensure the safety of young people and vulnerable adults in the London area. She is the Senior Welfare Officer at Richmond Gymnastics Association, the Regional Welfare Officer, a Time to Listen tutor and runs regional conferences for club welfare officers. Christine brings honesty, delicacy and impartiality to the complex role of being a Regional Welfare Officer and is always on the end of the phone, offering help and advice.

Jenni Harris
A vital member of the East Midlands executive, Jenni is the first point of contact for the region. Regularly going above and beyond, and professional and quick to respond, Jenni communicates excellently and is respected by the clubs and counties she works with as a Regional Welfare Officer. She has helped to promote the welfare officer role across the region, making sure that club welfare officers have access to everything they need.

Michael Gevaux
Nominated for two awards, Michael is highly thought of throughout the gymnastics community. A volunteer Regional Welfare Officer for the South East, he has formed a strong team that is seen by the Integrity Unit at British Gymnastics for its dedication to the role. He has helped to organise regional seminars and training in this role and in 2017 was formally recognised for his dedication in this area.

All of the awards will be presented on the evening. Read more about our winners and nominees on our National Awards event page.