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Warrington Gymnastics Leadership Academy in the spotlight

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This month, we’d like to shine a spotlight on Warrington Gymnastics Club’s fantastic Leadership Academy. In just under a year developing their Leadership Academy, Warrington Gymnastics Club have gone above and beyond to provide opportunities to their young leaders, encouraging them to develop their skills and their knowledge of the gymnastics environment.

In July last year, they ran their very first ‘Intro To… Coaching’ course which was a huge success and a valuable first experience for the young leaders.

Following this, the club kindly offered to be the host of one of our Regional Day Pilots; which ran in October 2018. This Regional Day saw young leaders from across the North West come together to participate in another ‘Intro To…’ course as well as a workshop on the importance of being safe online. The young leaders were also treated to talk from one of our longest serving volunteers' who discussed what it is like working with British Gymnastics at events.

The Regional Days are now part of the Leadership Academy Programme and will be running in every region throughout 2019.

To recognise their support to the club and its participants, the Warrington Gymnastics Club treated their young leaders to a night of bowling to say thank you for their efforts. 

We would like to say a big well done to all the young leaders at Warrington Gymnastics Club Leadership Academy for all their hard work. You are an asset to your club, and we can’t wait to see what you get up to this year!

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