Behind the design with Quatro - British Gymnastics

Behind the design with Quatro

Our official leotard supplier, Quatro, have been supporting our elite gymnasts at major events since 2016. Showcasing the latest technology and eye-catching designs, Quatro’s leotards show off the British colours at every event.

We went behind the scenes at the latest photoshoot which took place before the gymnasts flew to Poland for the 2019 Artistic European Championships (see above), and also caught up with Saffron and Rebecca, designers at Quatro, about what goes in to making a GBR leotard.

What’s the process behind designing each GBR leotard? 
"Working closely with British Gymnastics we require a written brief created by the gymnasts and coaches with regards to what they would like to see. From that, we then begin to work on 2D visual representations. Once finalised and favourited by the British team, we then start sampling the designs so that the gymnasts can try on and get a feel of the leotards. Using the feedback from the gymnasts, we then make the required changes to the garments before reaching the final leotards."

What are the challenges you face when creating a leotard?
"The challenges we may face during the designing stage mostly involves trying to meet the brief, linking what is realistic in terms of construction, especially print work. We have to consider seams and digital pattern matching. Surprisingly, rhinestone (sequins and diamonds) can also be a challenge. The placement and size of rhinestones are challenging because we want the gymnasts to be as comfortable as possible when performing, but we also want them to stand out to the world!"

What considerations do you have to make?
"We have many things to consider when designing for such a specialist sport. We have to think about fabrics, if and where certain fabrics will need lining. We need to be mindful of designs and where it will sit on the body of both male and female gymnasts. We always use the best fabrics where ever possible so that the gymnasts have the most flexibility and comfort."

What’s the best part about designing the British leotard?
"The best part about designing the leotards is hearing the great feedback from the gymnasts themselves. We love to try and let their personalities come through in the design of the leotards. Seeing the team compete in Quatro and having created the designs is a great feeling. We are very proud to have the Great Britain team in our leotard and are always excited to create new designs with them."

You can now buy your very own replica leotard, worn by the British women’s team at the European Championships in Poland.