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Northern Hope Leadership Academy in the spotlight

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In the spotlight for April is the Northern Hope Gymnastics Leadership Academy who have been at the heart of organising an annual inter-club competition, helping to raise money to develop their club. Here’s what Academy Secretary, Emily Field had to say about the experience.

“As part of our Leadership Academy at Northern Hope Gymnastics, we decided to base our project around the clubs annual Inter-Club competition. This took place on Saturday 16th December 201 and it gives gymnasts from all disciplines and all ages, including our beginners from aged three, within the club a chance to compete in front of an audience, in preparation for any regional or national events in the future. It is also a chance for us to fundraise for important equipment and leotards needed for the future development of the club.

“We began by having a meeting with the Head Coach, Lynne Hope to discuss how and when the event would be held. It was in this meeting that we decided on what roles would be needed to help make the event run smoothly. We decided who we believed would be the best for each role to achieve the best outcome possible. Two of young leaders, Kaitlin Senior and Eleanor Walmsley had recently passed their Floor and Vault judging courses and were able to step in as judges for the competition.

“On the day we all arrived an hour early to go over the briefs for everyone’s roles and to prepare for the day.

“As the competitors and their parents and carers arrived, we were able to use our packs that had been prepared in advance to ensure we knew where each gymnast needed to be. Our two round co-ordinators, Paige Cosgrove and Emily Field, had the role of using walkie talkies to communicate with each other, ensuring we had each gymnast in the correct location. Along with our assigned group coaches and stewards, we were able to show a clear sense of authority to those watching, which consequently made us well respected and trusted by the parents and carers of the gymnasts in our care.

“The day ran smoothly with minimal issues, due to the involvement of all our young leaders. We were able to present the club as having a great sense of community, which it does. We had many parents commenting on how well we had taken our roles. One parent described Anna McNeill, who was on registration and ticket sales, as being ‘incredibly well organised’ which itself shows how positively our actions were thought of by the adults observing us.

“This project allowed us as leaders to improve our leadership skills such as responsibility and organisation. I personally feel that this gave us the opportunity to lead a range of different people with different needs – a key value we can now take with us a leader in the future.”

We would like to congratulate the Northern Hope Gymnastics Leadership Academy for setting up a successful event!