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Finlay Gray on his first senior year

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Spelthorne’s acrobatic men’s pair of Finlay Gray and Frazer Windows have had a brilliant start to the year. It’s their first as a senior duo, and they haven’t looked out of place against some of the world’s best.

We spoke with Finlay, one half of the pair, to get his thoughts on an encouraging start to life in the senior ranks.

Finlay, how pleased have you been with your start to 2019?
“2019 has so far exceeded my expectations. Just starting out again as a men’s pair I had no idea of what to expect with the level of competition at senior level, and I was very pleased to have been placed 3rd in the World Cup event in Las Vegas.”

What was it like winning bronze at that World Cup in Las Vegas?
“It was an amazing experience as I had no expectation of winning a medal, our goal being to just make it to the final. We worked very hard in preparation for this competition and it is a great feeling to have something to show for it.”

How long have you been training together to get your routines as they are, and how many hours a week do you work on perfecting your routines?
“I first started working with Frazer as a men’s pair in 2012, 7 years ago, but recently we had a break of six months pursuing other partnerships. However, we came back together at the end of 2018 and have been working hard since then to become a competitive senior men’s pair.

“We spend over 20 hours a week training to perfect our routines, with a mixture of working on choreography and elements.”

What’s been the main difference moving up to senior level?
“The main difference moving up to senior level has been the increase in the level of competition with the rest of the world and the complexities involved with learning new, difficult elements.”

Finally, what are your aims for the rest of the year and what events can people expect to see you at?
“My aims for the rest of the year are to continue our development as a senior men’s pair and to hopefully get selected to represent GB in the upcoming European Championships in Israel later this year. Frazer and I will be competing in the British Championships in Liverpool in July.”

If you want to see Finlay and Frazer in action at the Championship Series in July, tickets are now on sale