Kate Donnelly ready to shine in Baku - British Gymnastics

Kate Donnelly ready to shine in Baku

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This week (24th-26th May) Britain’s best aerobic gymnasts will compete for honours at the 2019 European Championships in Baku.

The Championships start a busy period for our aerobic gymnasts, as they first travel to Baku before heading to the European Games in Minsk at the end of June.

Kate Donnelly has been a regular in senior British teams for the past couple of years and will be competing at both the European Championships and European Games. We caught up with her to find out more about her preparation and her hopes for the coming months.

What does it mean to be representing your country at a European Championships?
"It means a great deal to me. I’m very happy, excited and proud to be representing my country."

What are your hopes for the Championships?
"I hope that we can achieve good scores and hopefully make some finals. I aim to score all my skills and give a really good performance in order to do this. I hope that this would inspire younger gymnasts and give them more confidence when competing internationally."

You’re competing in both the individual and with a group. How difficult is that to do and does it add any complexities to your training?
"For most of my career I've been lucky enough to be part of group routines as well as training an individual routine and so feel I've had good experience of doing both. It is sometimes difficult, for example the mental preparation for competing on your own is very different to competing as part of a group, however I definitely enjoy training both together.

"It does add complexities (to training) for example we all travel a lot to train together as a group and with different coaches. However, I think this has made the group better because we have lots of great input from other British judges and coaches on top of our personal coaches, so we can get the best out of their expertise and knowledge."

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
"Our group is attending the European Games this June which is an honour and I think a really important competition, not only for us as a team, and a country, but also for the promotion of aerobic gymnastics. I’m very excited to train for and compete at the Games!

"Then to finish the year with all the amazing British gymnasts and coaches, my final competition will be the British Championships in July."

Good luck to all of our competing gymnasts and their coaches for the competition.

Follow the live stream of both qualifying and finals, and keep track of the scores throughout the competition.

You can also watch Kate and her GB teammates compete on home soil at the 2019 Championship Series in July. Get your tickets.