Gymnaestrada venue guide - British Gymnastics

Gymnaestrada venue guide

Gymnaestrada Dornbirn 2007
From 7th to 13th July a group of 800 British gymnasts will be performing across the Voralberg Rhine Valley in the 16th World Gymnaestrada in Austria. The team made up of 30 British Gymnastics clubs will travel between 11 venues across the week, performing as a club, a country and as part of a world team. Here’s a bit more information about where our team will be heading.

Dornbirn Birkenwiese Stadium

The Birkenwiese Stadium is where the opening and closing ceremonies will take place. The British team will take part in the opening ceremony on the Sunday, marching into the stadium in their team colours in front of a standing crowd of 25,000 spectators. The opening ceremony will also see the hoisting of the FIG, World Gymnaestrada and Austrian flags to commemorate the start of event before mayors of towns and villages within Dornbirn welcome participants into their communities and into the places where they will be staying.

The Birkenwiese stadium will also play host to the Dornbirn Special on Wednesday which is a special event that will involve a number of large groups from different countries performing a routine based on the idea of the Midnight Sun Special which was performed in Helsinki in 2015.

Casino Stadium, Bregenz

The Casino Stadium in Bregenz has a 6,800m² playing area, with seating for 2,600 (1,000 seats are roofed) and terraces for 7,600 people. It is located near the railway station, the lake and the city centre and so fulfils many requirements of the large group performances that will be taking place there.

Great Britain’s team will be performing there on Monday at 13:20 CEST and Tuesday at 16:00 CEST.

Trade Exhibition Centre

The Dornbirn Trade Exhibition Centre has a total of 34,000 square metres of event space. It will be the venue for group and national performances, catering, entertainment and also the FIG gala on the Thursday. There are 14 different halls. Two new modern halls have been added this year and World Gymnaestrada will be the first big event for these new sites. 

City Performances

From Monday to Friday all the individual teams that make up their nation’s contingency will go out across Dornbirn to perform their own 5 to 15 minute shows. There are eight open-air stages in centres of different towns and villages.

Clubs from Great Britain will be performing in Bregenz, Hochst, Wolfurt, Lustenau, Gotzis, Feldkirch Mitterlshule and Rankweil which will also be the venue for a special evening performance with Australia, Fiji and Tonga.


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