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Rhythmic Gymnastics in the spotlight

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The 2019 British Gymnastics Championship Series takes place from 25th-28th July at M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool, and will see champions crowned across four disciplines; acrobatic, aerobic, rhythmic and TeamGym.

Last week we featured aerobic gymnastics, but this week we’re focussing on rhythmic. Here’s all you need to know:

So what is Rhythmic Gymnastics?
This discipline is one of the most expressive in our sport. Performances are spellbinding; full of grace, beautiful artistry and stunning movement. Gymnasts perform routines with one piece of apparatus and their own carefully selected music which give them the freedom to express themselves. There are five pieces of apparatus; the ribbon, hoop, rope, clubs and ball.

Who are the ones to watch?
This year, the competition is wide open. The junior competition will see some of the brightest stars compete for individual glory, but there will also be team competitions which requires skill and precision. In the senior competition, all of those set to compete are vying for their very first British title. It’s going to exciting to see who can triumph on the day.

How can I get involved?
If you like the sound of Rhythmic Gymnastics and want to take part, you can find out more information by heading to Discover and finding a club for you.

Watch it LIVE!
Tickets are on sale for the 2019 British Gymnastics Championship Series. Be there to see our rhythmic stars compete.