Great Britain & Australia tumble through time at Gymnaestrada - British Gymnastics

Great Britain & Australia tumble through time at Gymnaestrada

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Great Britain and Australia’s gymnasts put on a show to remember for the residents of Rankweil as the two countries came together to perform routines dating through history at Gymnaestrada.

Titled ‘Tumbling through Time’, this special city performance is part of a packed week of events that makes up World Gymnaestrada, the biggest international festival.

250 gymnasts from Great Britain, Australia and special guests, Fiji and Tonga, all performed their own routines based on different eras in time, starting from in the Stone Age and finishing in the present day.

The evening’s event was made up of 15 club and national performances including an inspired gladiator routine from an Australian team, a fun and lively 1930’s acrobatic display from Great Britain and a special performance from Gymnaestrada’s smallest delegation, Tonga, whose two gymnasts showed off their heritage and culture.

Gemma Barton, Head of Participation at British Gymnastic and Head of the delegation for Great Britain’s Gymnaestrada team met up with the Australia’s delegation lead to discuss the idea and together they organised the hour and a half show.

“We have been planning this performance for months and to see it come off in such a beautiful setting is just amazing!” Gemma said.

“We had a number of clubs involved from different parts of the country and they all displayed themselves as fantastic representatives for our team.

“The crowd in Rankweil were absolutely incredible and they showed a lot of love for our gymnasts.”

Like the rest of the festival, the show demonstrated a range of abilities from gymnasts of different ages.

Petrina Hutchinson, Head of the delegation for Australia commented: “We have more older participants involved than Great Britain and in this show we were able to show off a number of different styles due to the age range of the gymnasts.”

Both Fiji and Tonga are part of the Oceania Gymnastics Union (OGU), the governing body for gymnastics in the Oceania region and have been assisted by Australia in setting up national federations for gymnastics.

“It’s really great to have Fiji and Tonga with us to show off their culture,” Petrina continued. “We’re staying with them at a nearby school and they have helped create a really fun atmosphere.”

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