Age just a number for Marjorie ahead of 2019 Adult British Championships - British Gymnastics

Age just a number for Marjorie ahead of 2019 Adult British Championships

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This weekend (3rd and 4th August) the 2019 Adult Gymnastics British Championships takes place at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, with a record number of gymnasts ready to compete.

Nearly 300 gymnasts will take part across women’s artistic, men’s artistic, tumbling, trampolining and acrobatic gymnastics. With gymnasts ranging from 18 years-of-age, all the way up to 80, and including gymnasts new to the sport as well as ex-international gymnasts, it’s set to be an exciting weekend in Shropshire.

We caught up with the competition’s oldest competitor Marjorie Scholes. At 80 years old she is proving that age really is just a number.

Marjorie, how long have you been involved in gymnastics?
"I became interested in adult gymnastics about 4 years ago. I have been watching my granddaughter Natasha compete for Carterton Gymnastic Club from a young age (she is now 16 years of age). Then my daughter, Claire, got back into adult gymnastics again, having done it herself when she was at primary school (now 46 years).

"I thought ‘you know, I would like to try this’. To cut a long story short, I was fortunate to be invited to the club by Debbie the coach, to see if I liked it. I was hooked."

What it is you love about the sport?
"I love the sport because it gets me out, keeps me fit and moves parts of my anatomy that I have never used before! I also love being amongst gymnasts of all ages and having a coach who has given me so much encouragement and made be believe that I could do it.

"At the moment I do a floor routine; it is very basic but I love it. It’s been hard at times, as the 80 year old body won’t let me do what I would like to do, but I enjoy what is possible."

What is it you’re most looking forward to this weekend?
"To compete this weekend will be a great honour for me as I will be representing Carterton Gymnastic Club. Being part of this amazing team will be very special. I will just love the atmosphere and I will do my best with my routine. I am not special but will love every minute."

We would like to wish Marjorie and all competing gymnasts and coaches the best of luck for the competition.

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