Board appoints new Club Stakeholder Advisory Group to help shape future - British Gymnastics

Board appoints new Club Stakeholder Advisory Group to help shape future

At its September meeting, the Board of British Gymnastics approved the appointment of 10 experienced club representatives to form the new Club Stakeholder Advisory Group (CSAG).

Working at a strategic level, the CSAG will come together at least twice a year to provide their insight and perspective on club related matters to help shape Board and Executive decision making.

This group is made up of members from across the country, with varying roles in our community, including club owners, coaches, judges and tutors. From participation up to high performance, this group also represents recreational and performance clubs working in the various disciplines in our sport.

Applications were sought from the club community and after a detailed selection process, the following people were selected:

-          Andi Revell

-          Carol Gregory

-          Hazel Walsh

-          Kathryn Perry

-          Kathryn Storr

-          Lionel Smith-Gordon

-          Lynsey Palframan

-          Olivia Kincaid

-          Sally-Anne Warner

-          Trina Farrance

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The Chair of the Club Stakeholder Advisory Group, Non-Executive Director Alastair Marks says;"We are delighted to be supporting the launch of this incredibly important group that we hope will shape the way we think about the continued support we give to our clubs of all sizes in the future.

"As part of the interview panel I was delighted to see such a rich and diverse level of experience across the candidates that we saw. The Board is excited to see the value that this group can bring to our understanding of this critical area of the sport and how we can best support the Executive team to drive ever increasing satisfaction, support and investment into our clubs in coming years."

The CSAG will also be supported by Executive Director, Ryan Fulford who will work with Alastair to ensure that the organisation maximises the club knowledge and experience that this group can share.