Glasgow Finals - Brits in the medals - British Gymnastics

Glasgow Finals - Brits in the medals


The British Team took their home Grand Prix by storm with a magnificent six medals

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Beth Tweddle took two Gold’s to follow her double European championship Success on Bars and Floor. Louis Smith and Daniel Keatings continued the Pommel domination finishing in Gold and Bronze places, Becky Downie produced a great routine to claim Bars Silver and Kristian Thomas took Floor Silver to complete the medal haul.

Bailie Liz Cameron, Chair of Culture and Sport Glasgow, said: "Once again the Glasgow Grand Prix has been a wonderful success.  The gymnasts excelled and are worthy winners of the medals they achieved today.  Well done to each and every one. Their performance clearly delighted the crowds at the Kelvin Hall, who are fortunate to have become accustomed to a world-class display at the Glasgow Grand Prix.  Congratulations to everyone involved for putting on such a terrific event."

Other stars of the competition were Brazil's Diego Hypolito with Gold on Vault and Floor and routine of the day must go to Epke Zonderland (NED) who closed the competition with an awe inspiring High Bar display.

Glasgow Finals Report

Men’s Finals
The Men’s Floor exercise began an exciting day of finals in Glasgow and it was great to see a British gymnast starting the competition. Kristian Thomas (2nd in qualification) did not looked phased by the task of competing in front of his home crowd and managed to add a new connection from yesterday’s qualification routine. His score of 15.225 was a fine start and good enough to hold off all of the competition apart from a very exciting performance from Diego Hypolito (Brazil), twice World Champion on this apparatus. Hypolito has had a new move recognised within the code of points, called the ‘Hypolito’, a double Arabian straight with a full twist in the second somersault and with the rest of his routine executed cleanly he was delighted to score 15.85 - Glasgow had witnessed a special routine. 

Having had his initial score raised by 0.3, Alexander Shatilov from Israel secured the Bronze medal (15.05) with a clean and elegant routine, pipping Wammes (Netherlands) and Markovic (Croatia).  He has recently become the first ever Senior medallist for Israel at a European Championships, when he won the Bronze in Milan earlier this year.

Alexander Shatliov (Israel)  “I am happy with my results because it was difficult combination of gymnastic moves and I did very well”

The Pommel Horse got underway with 4-time European Champion, Krisztian Berki showing an incredibly difficult exercise with only a couple of small errors (split legs and a slight struggle into the dismount) which gave him 15.525. 
Several of the finalists struggled with the high level of difficulty they were trying to achieve and there were quite a few minor breaks in leg form and falls from Hidvegi (Hungary), Rodrigues (Brazil) and Ri (Korea).
There was once again a really strong showing from the British competitors, Louis Smith (Olympic bronze medallist) and Daniel Keatings (European bronze medallist, 2009) who have established themselves as formidable competitiors on this piece.  Keatings, looked composed, showing excellent work to capture the BRONZE (15.4) with his team-mate Louis Smith, absolutely superb in executing his difficult fast moving routine for 15.75 and GOLD.  A super result for Men’s gymnastics and a very happy Kelvin Hall crowd!

Kristian Berki (Hungary)  “I am very happy and I did sleep very well last night which makes me feel very relaxed to perform today. For me it was a very good competition and I feel very happy to have Louis as my big adversary, he is a good gymnast and I appreciate him very much”

Four times winner on Rings in Glasgow, Yuri van Gelder (Netherlands) made it five victories with a fantastic showing of immaculate strength and control, giving nothing away to score 15.65 and the gold medal. It was good to see a gymnast from Jordan, Ali Al-Asi, taking further strides in establishing himself and his nation in gymnastics, in taking the Silver medal (15.425) ahead of 22 year old Russian Konstantin Pluzhnikov (15.35).

First up on Vault was yesterdays surprise package Se Gwang Ri from Korea who had qualified first for this final with two stunning vaults. Unfortunately, his hopes for Gold were dashed when he crashed out on his handspring double front pike with half twist but with an excellent second jump his average of 16.0 was good enough for Silver .
Hypolito, who qualified in 4th mastered both his twisting vaults (handspring 2 ½ twists and Tsukahara 2 ½ twists) really well and was rewarded with an average score of 16.012 and the Gold medal.
Huntingdon’s Luke Folwell gave himself chances of a medal after a clean opening vault but an over rotated handspring double front left him in 4th spot (15.55). Teammate Theo Seager unfortunately made the same error on the same vault (15.425, 5th).
Jeffery Wammes showed excellent execution on his vaults (Yurchenko 2 ½ twists and handspring double twist) for 15.875 and the Bronze medal in a high level final.

Diego Hypolito (Brazil)  “I am very surprised about my result because this apparatus is not my speciality and from this result is very important and going to reflect in positive way for the men’s artistic gymnastics in Brazil. It is very rare in the Brazil gymnastic history that a Brazilian gymnast win 2 gold medals in the same competition”

On the Parallel Bars, a high standard was set by Jin Hyok Kim (Korea) with double piked and tucked with half out between the bars that was hard to match (15.225, Gold).  Slovenian top qualifier Petkovsek perhaps would have piped him to the post without his error when he had to make additional hand movements to keep control.  The twice World Champion on this event scored 15.125 (Bronze).  Small errors from several gymnasts left the way for Samuel Piasecky to secure a deserved Silver medal for Slovakia with his well paced routine (under-somersault full turn and double pike between the bars, 15.275).

high_bar.jpg The finals apparatus of the day arguably saved the best routine till last. Epke Zonderland (NED) produced a jaw dropping 15.525 High Bar routine that even his competitors couldn’t help but smile at. Zonderland and his great rival Aijan Pegan (SLO) – 15.350) both made this apparatus a must see and left the audience smiling with there back-to-back routines closing the day. Dutch gymnast Jeffrey Wammes came in third with 14.775.

Women’s Finals
Competition got underway for the women on the Asymmetric Bars with yesterdays top qualifier Beth Tweddle having the difficult task of leading off the field.  Beth corrected the error from yesterday (fall on Shaposnikova ½ transition from low to high bar) and was more precise overall than her qualification performance.  Her score of 15.275 set a standard that could not be matched as the final unfolded.
However, the crowd at the Kelvin Hall were delighted that her closest challenger was her compatriot Becky Downie who also qualified with a fall, but looked really determined here to score 14.6, with a difficult exercise, highlighted by a beautiful Ricna somersault.  She secured the SILVER medal ahead of the Russian Ekaterina Kurbatova (14.425) who competed a very clean routine.

This was a fantastic start to the day for the British girls, Gold and Sliver!

The 7 ladies who lined up for the Vault had not had to go through the process of qualification yesterday as they were the only gymnasts opting to take part in the second of the four finals.
Aside from the 2 Russian gymnasts, the level of work was quite simple and with several errors, including falls from Britain’s Becky Downie (12.925), Zimmerman (Switzerland, 12.975) and Romanian Chelaru (12.875).
This left the way for Ekaterina Kurbatova (14.0), with a double twisting Yurchecnko and Yurchenko half on, straight front half twist, to take the Gold over her compatriot Yulia Berger (13.9), the Silver medallist from this year’s European championships in Milan. With two cleanly executed vaults, Columbian Jessica Gil took the Bronze medal (13.8).

On the Balance Beam the crowd were excited with the opening performance of Sanne Wevers (Netherlands) who is a master of spins!  The Dutch girl showed double spins with her leg held straight and then in the tucked position as well as a triple spin to score 14.075 and the Gold medal, repeating her position from last year.
Britain’s Becky Downie put in a solid Beam performance, highlighted by her excellent double pike dismount, but with a missed leap series connection she was in 5th place (13.3). 
16 year old Spaniard, Ana Maria Izurieta showed a controlled exercise, including a wonderful acrobatic series of 2 back flips into a layout to two feet to share the Gold with Wevers (14.075).
Top qualifier, Dragoi (Romania) worked with lovely tempo and confidence, but a few small wobbles left her with the Bronze medal (13.95).

beth.jpg The ladies Floor exercise got off to a fine start with the enjoyable exercise that Chelaru (Romania) performed.  Spritely dance and difficult tumbling (full in back out, triple twist) for 13.2.
Gold medallist on floor in this years Europeans, Beth Tweddle got a wonderful reception from the crowd with her routine which showed marvellous tumbles (1 ½ twist walk out into double Arabian tucked, double Arabian piked) as well as excellent leaps for 14.9 and another Gold medal for Beth.
Russian Berger was expressive in her dance as well and powerful in her tumbles (although stepping out the area twice) for 13.45 whilst Izurieta (Spain) once again demonstrated lovely style scoring 13.975 and a pleasing Bronze medal, just pipping the entertaining Zimmermann (Switzerland).
The second Russian Anna Myzdrikova showed some very unusual and pleasing work (triple twist, rebound into tuck back, 2 ½ twist, Barani into stag leap), lovely choreography and pushed Beth all the way for 14.7 (Silver).

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