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Weighing gymnasts - British Gymnastics position statement

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British Gymnastics in conjunction with the English Institute of Sport have developed a position statement to provide recommendations for best practice and address some of the misconceptions around weight and weighing gymnasts.

You can also download our infographics here and here.

Created as a guidance document for clubs, coaches, parents and gymnasts the statement gives advice and reasoning on the complexities surrounding weighing gymnasts with the gymnasts optimal long-term development at its core. The advice highlights the need for clear reasoning, appropriate methods, correct consent and the use of qualified practitioners in order to safeguard the physical and mental health of the gymnasts.

British Gymnastics Performance Director, James Thomas: “This is a hugely important document and one we think will be beneficial to the gymnastics community. Gymnasts physical and mental health is paramount and we know that the complex issues around weighing gymnasts can be a difficult process. We have created this document to give best practice advice that puts the gymnasts health and long-term development first. Good open communication and an understanding of the appropriate methods and reasoning is imperative. The position statement has been thoroughly researched and developed with a team of practitioners and coaches to give some really sound easy to understand advice that we think will be of great value to gymnasts, coaches and parents.”

You can read the position statement here.