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GymMad Gymnastics Academy in the spotlight

GymMad Leadership Academy
This month, we would like to shine a spotlight on the incredible Leadership Academy of GymMad Gymnastics Academy, who’s young leaders have been working super hard on their MY Project part of their programme.

They first worked through the project section of the booklets, before the leaders split into smaller project groups to work on individual projects, which will benefit the club.  Each group were given a project planner with hints and tips for how to manage their projects and how to set actions and timelines.

The leaders discussed projects that would benefit the club and they had some fantastic suggestions. 

The four groups are now working on the following:

  • A bake sale. This will raise funds to help support other projects with materials. It will also generate some funding towards the club’s new trampoline pit.
  • A kindness box. They found that some leaders, gymnasts, and coaches go above and beyond their role, often without recognition. The box will be for anyone to post messages of thanks or kindness for other gymnasts, leaders or coaches. They decided to specifically ask for kindness to steer away from the usual suggestion/complaints you can get with a suggestion box.
  • The spectator gallery / teaching room. One of the project groups is working on keeping the notice board fresh and up to date, keeping it tidy, providing an activity corner for siblings whilst they wait for gymnasts who are training and will look into providing refreshments for parents/carers.
  • The club’s reception area. The club have lots and lots of wonderful photographs from competitions and events and the fourth group will be making the reception display interesting and will be looking at developing a timeline so that they can see how much their gymnasts have progressed throughout the years. They will also look at storage solutions for footwear. They will also be raising funds for paint and supplies so that they can re-decorate the area!

We are so excited to see how these young leaders progress through all of these amazing projects, they should be so proud of what they achieve!