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Catleaps Gymnastics in the spotlight

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This month, with the difficulties many of us are facing, we wanted to share a good news story and emphasise the importance of young leaders and their journeys with the Leadership Academy Programme.

Catleaps Gymnastics is a fantastic club who started on the back of a Leadership Academy and invited the children from a local school club to attend back when the programme first began.

Since then, they have seen many new cohorts of young leaders complete the programme and have witnessed first-hand the growth in their skills and experiences. One such example of a young leader’s journey is Warren Russell who is now a member of Diversity, who won Britain’s Got Talent. Warren was one of Catleaps original young leaders and continues to visit the club regularly to inspire the younger members.

More recently, he ran a dance masterclass for younger members. He has assisted with club competitions by running warm up activities, handing out medals and even announcing all the gymnast’s names. Catleaps explained that having a role model such as Warren who understands the programme and the hard work to develop themselves really motivates the young leaders to continue their journeys and achieve their goals.

If your young leaders have been inspired by a great role model, we would love to hear all about it!

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