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New inclusive coaching e-learning course launched

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new e-learning course on the topic of ‘Inclusive Coaching’.

Developed in collaboration with charities and organisations promoting disability sport, we have created an interactive course, explaining how clubs, coaches and other deliverers of gymnastics, can engage people with disabilities into gymnastics classes.

The course is split into three modules and looks at different physical and sensory impairments as well as learning difficulties and learning disabilities.

The course covers the different barriers into the sport, along with solutions, communication methods and how to adapt gymnastics activities for disabled participants.

Jessica Capelli Beavan, Gymnastics Participation Inclusion Officer said: "After months of development we are delighted to be sharing this new e-learning course with our community. We want to ensure that our clubs have the knowledge and support available to be able to make their offering available to all participants, regardless of their ability.

"This course is made up of many interactive elements, along with videos and scenarios that users run through to test their knowledge. We hope that after completing this course, users will be able to apply what they have learnt to engage with more disabled participants."

Jess Cook, National Partnerships Advisor from Activity Alliance added: "British Gymnastics’ Inclusive Coaching e-learning course gives coaches the confidence they need to enhance their coaching skills ensuring every session is inclusive to all. It is great to see that British Gymnastics have created such an excellent resource for their coaches and workforce. The course is interactive, informative and provides some great tips for making sessions more inclusive.

"Activity Alliance are pleased to have been a part of the development of this course and look forward to hearing all the great news stories."

The inclusive coaching e-learning course is available to all members and can be accessed here

There are a host of resources that clubs, and coaches can access around inclusive gymnastics including our support request form, bitesize videos our disability guide and case studies. See more