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Our Gymnastics NHS Heroes

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Amongst the thousands of people who work for the National Health Service, we have a dedicated collection of parents, coaches and volunteers who are part of our gymnastics community.

To recognise the efforts of our valued NHS, we are asking people to #PresentForPounds and salute our frontline workers to help raise money for NHS Charities Together.

We hope that our fundraising will support staff, volunteers and patients impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are just some of the people who we know are part of our gymnastics community and work for the NHS:

Jenny Allison: Gymnastics mum and emergency services worker
Carol Barwick:
 Gymnastics coach and Specialist Respiratory Nurse
Kerry Bell: Gymnastics mum and pharmacy dispenser
Lizzie Bennet: Gymnast, coach, welfare officer and full-time nurse in a large West Midlands hospital trust
Roxanne Bright-Thomas: Gymnastics mum and speech therapist working on a neurological ward for COVID-19.
Katherine Bonnin: Gymnastics mum and breast cancer specialist nurse
Adam Butcher: Gymnastics dad and ERA
Carolyn Carroll: Gymnastics Club Treasurer and works in the labs at Carlisle hospital
Claire Cason: Gymnastics coach and judge and physiotherapist
Lisa Chandler: Gymnastics mum and NHS maternity ward clerk
Susan Cook: Gymnastics coach and RMN
Claire Cooper: Gymnastics mum and nurse
Grace Corsie: Coach and ambulance care assistant
Rachel Crowley: Gymnastics mum and nurse
Sarah Dainty: Gymnastics mum and NHS Professionals worker
Siobhan Dealey: Ex-gymnast and coach and paramedic
Emma De Vos: National brevet judge and registered nurse
Naomi Durham: Gymnastics mum and NHS worker
Warren Durham: 
Gymnastics dad and key worker making pharmaceuticals
Leila Eastman: Gymnastics club secretary, coach and Clinical Audit and Facilitator
Nik Edwards: Gymnastics coach and involved at HCA Theatre
Shelley Eve: Gymnastics mum and occupational therapist
Hayley Firth: Ex-gymnast and physiotherapist
Christine Gatenby: Gymnastics coach and Triage Nurse
Stacey Gibbins: Gymnastics mum and scrub nurse
Rachel Graham: Paramedic with the Northumberland Ambulance Service
Lorraine Grandy: Gymnastics mum and key worker at a community pharmacy
Justine Hall: Gymnastics mum and GP
Chelsea Hauxwell: Gymnastics mum and dental nurse
Lisa Hicks: Gymnastics mum and NHS nurse
Mari Holliday: Gymnastics Club Welfare Officer and works within the NHS dental department
Nikki Holt: Gymnastics mum and nurse practitioner
Karen Humphreys: Gymnastics mum and respiratory physiotherapist on a COVID high dependency unit
Louise Hymas: Gymnastics mum and nurse
Stephanie Jenkinson: 
Gymnastics mum and surgery administrator
Emma Johnson: Gymnastics mum and hospital worker
Lynzi June: National brevet judge and trainee nurse associate
Jordan Lipton: Ex-gymnast and now paediatric intensive care nurse
Lian Longlands: Pre-school gymnastics business owner and carer
Alison Lonsdale: Gymnastics Welfare Officer and coach, and has returned to her role in the NHS due to COVID-19
Maya Lucas: Gymnast and physiotherapist
Louise Marquis: Gymnastics mum and specialist nurse
Nicola Martin: Gymnastics coach and medical secretary
Chris McLaughlin:
National brevet judge and Production Manager in radio pharmacy
Alex McGovern: Gymnastics mum and nurse
Suzie Middleton: Gymnastics mum and mental health nurse
Harriet Mitchell: Ex-gymnast and now clinical support worker, training to be a registered nurse
Sarah Moore: Gymnastics coach and NHS social care nurse
Paige Graham O'Connor: Gymnastics mum and dialysis care assistant
Helen O'Neil: Gymnastics mum and hospital pharmacist
Dave Patrick: Gymnastics coach and stairlift engineer
Lliane Pacewitch: Gymnastics mum and police officer
Luke Pearce: Ex-gymnast and now a respiratory physiotherapist
Tayla Porter: Trampoline coach and ambulance worker
Vicky Proctor: Acrobatic gymnastics coach and colorectal surgery registrar
Ashley Quinn: Gymnastics mum and intensive care physiotherapist
Kate Radcliffe: Ex-gymnast and now junior doctor
Suzanna Ramsay: Gymnastics mum and cardiac physiologist
Sharna Reed: Gymnastics mum and health care assistant
Holly Rice: Gymnastics coach and paramedic
Andrew Ryder: Gymnastics dad and speech and language therapist
Helen Scott: Gymnastics coach and a project lead for the NHS
Alison Sewell: Gymnastics volunteer, mum and nurse
Tracey Shaw: Gymnastics mum and community nurse
Beesham Sivakuraman: Gymnastics coach and paramedic
Claire Slater: Gymnastics volunteer, mum and nurse
Sarah Sykes: Ex-gymnast and now a paediatric nurse
Laura Tarn: Gymnastics mum and GP driver and health care assistant
Sarah Teare: Gymnastics mum and paediatric nurse
Emily Tierney: Gymnastics coach and student nurse
Katie Trott: Gymnastics coach and NHS nurse
Kim Trotter: Gymnastics Head coach and works with NHS Community Nurses
Rachel Turner: Club welfare officer and Operating Department Practitioner
Nicky Warwick: Gymnastics Club Fundraiser and NHS paramedic 
Jennie Waugh: Gymnastics mum and health care assistant in a care home
Melissa White: Gymnastics coach and Systematic family psychotherapist
Vickie White: Gymnastics coach and trustee, working in speech and language
Nerys Williams: International brevet judge and pharmacist
Amber Woodcock: Ex-gymnast and now doctor
Angela Woodhall: Key worker on paediatric ICU
Hannah Yard: Club helper and social worker

Here are some more people from our community who are key workers:

Gemma Allen: Club administrator and a key worker in a school kitchen
Caroline Bay: Gymnastics mum and key worker in a school kitchen
Jordan Bowtell: Gymnastics mum and key worker in a nursery 
Emma Brown: 
Gymnastics mum and teacher
Andrea Byles: Gymnastics mum and council worker deployed to a COVID support hub
Dave Byrne: Gymnastics dad and key worker in the army
Michelle Cook: Gymnastics mum and social worker
Helen Davis: Gymnastics mum and teacher
Lee Davis: Gymnastics dad and head teacher
Michelle Cummins: Gymnastics mum and nursery teacher
Aaron Durham: Gymnastics dad and royal engineer in British Army
Susan Elders: Gymnastics mum and key worker supporting children with special educational needs
Joanna Fairchild: Gymnastics mum and key worker as child minder
Sharon Ferguson: Gymnastics mum and school cook
Richard Garrett: Gymnastics dad and police officer
Kendra George: Key worker as a teacher
Michael Harnett: Gymnastics dad and key worker in the army
Kay Harrop: Gymnastics mum and teacher
Dan Holt: Gymnastics dad and key worker in armed services
Mike James: Gymnastics dad and teacher
Jally Jawara: Gymnastics mum and food production worker
Anthony Jones: Gymnastics dad and worker in a children's residential care home
Benjamin Lambe: Gymnastics dad and teacher
Mark Malcolmson: Gymnastics dad and key worker in the army 
Bryony McKie: Gymnastics coach and key worker as a teacher
Sharon McCue: Gymnastics mum and Post Officer worker
Gail Nicholson: Gymnastics mum and teacher
Chloe Pennington: Gymnastics coach and paediatric physio
Kirsty Pennington: Gymnastics mum and charity worker
Hayley Pickering: Gymnastics mum and RAF worker
Dave Pinnock: Gymnastics dad and teacher
Steph Pinnock: Gymnastics mum and teacher
Laura Plumb: Gymnastics mum and teacher
Adam Price: Gymnastics coach and key worker as a teacher
Corey Reed: Gymnastics dad and supermarket warehouse key worker
Michael Spencer: Gymnastics dad and postman
Louise Stock: Gymnastics mum and key worker
Abby Swainston: Gymnastics coach and key worker supporting children with special educational needs
Fredrique Wigmore: Gymnastics mum and club level judge and Trussell Trust Foodbank Manager

If you, or anyone you know, works for the NHS or is a key worker, we would love to recognise your efforts. Drop an email to [email protected]