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Warrington Gymnastics Club Leadership Academy in the spotlight

Warrington GC May spotlightFollowing on from Mental Health Awareness Week last week, Warrington Gymnastics Club have been sharing the message of kindness with their young leaders during the lockdown period.

The club have been promoting their new ‘Thoughtful Thursdays’ initiative to all their members, which could include anything from goal setting, reflecting on feelings and emotions or turning negatives into positives. Their incredible young leaders have been taking on their own ‘Thoughtful Thursday’ tasks and creating a project of their own from this initiative. Part of the project includes doing something kind for a neighbour or for their local community.

Their acts of kindness have ranged from writing a letter, leaving a note out for the people collecting the bins and even putting a small gift outside a neighbour’s doorstep to lift moods and show appreciation during this challenging time.

The young leaders have been hosting a quiz night every Friday evening for one another, ensuring that communication and engagement with the club is continued. The winner from each quiz then gets to host the following week!

We love how engaged, proactive, and positive these young leaders are in such challenging and different circumstances. Keep up the amazing work guys!

If your young leaders have been involved in creative projects or campaigns, we would love to hear all about it! Get in touch by emailing Chiara Querci.