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Spiral young leaders undeterred by lockdown

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The young leaders of Spirals Gymnastics Club have been using their time in lockdown to keep members of their club engaged as part of their development in the Leadership Academy Programme.

Based in Peterborough, Spirals Gymnastics Club is owned by Kath Everett and is one of many clubs to engage in our Leadership Academy Programme, a voluntary development scheme helping young people (aged 11 – 17) to become leaders within gymnastics environments and set them up for a possible career in the sport.

The Spiral young leaders were due to run their annual recreational competition as part of their project module however, due to enforced Government restrictions, this was postponed. In reaction to this, the young leaders changed their tact, and focused on delivering ‘Project Lockdown’.

Their project turned into a series of initiatives to help keep their members engaged and motivated during this current gym closure period. These initiatives included: running conditioning and dance classes via Zoom and helping young members attain Proficiency badges by creating videos to help the gymnasts learn their badge skills.

Julie Berry, captain of Spiral young leaders said: “This has really stretched them out of their comfort zones as they have had to get to grips with learning how to make videos and coaching via Zoom calls - which can be unnerving for the best of us! They have also had to get used to interacting with each other via digital methods and not just face-to-face and these are great skills that they will be able to use in everyday life, not just gymnastics coaching.

“As a club, we are really proud of everything they are doing as volunteers to help find different ways to keep our members, from recreational through to squad, engaged during this period and we really appreciate all their support. They are definitely becoming coaches of the future!”

Jess, one of the Spiral young leaders added: “During Lockdown, being a young leader is showing me that it’s not just about supporting someone or coaching them, it’s also showing me what it’s like to coach someone using your voice, not always supporting them. It has also taught me what it’s like to be a team leader and how to get projects done by certain deadlines.”

The Leadership Academy programme introduces young people to the various roles and opportunities available within gymnastics and helps them to identify the aspects of gymnastics they enjoy, encouraging them to stay within the sport for longer. Find out more


This week is Volunteers’ Week, a chance to celebrate and recognise the contributions that millions of people make across the UK through volunteering. The gymnastics community is full of amazing people who are helping participants discover our amazing sport and clubs are made even stronger by the dedication shown by volunteers.

If you work in a club and would like to expand your team by recruiting volunteers, speak to the parents who come, week in and week out and see whether they would be interested. If you have a club noticeboard, a newsletter, or a social media page, advertise that you are looking for volunteers to join your team, specifying the roles and times you would be looking for help.

You can find more information on this on our Volunteers page.