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Safeguarding on social media

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We are committed to the safeguarding and welfare of everyone involved in our sport. During the current government restrictions, please be assured that safeguarding children, young persons and adults at risk remains a priority for British Gymnastics.

We continue working to be able to support and advise you through case work, criminal records checks, training opportunities, safeguarding information updates and general enquiries.

Visit our Safeguarding Procedures and Updates during COVID-19 page for further information. 

Please find information below including tips to ensure your safety online, who to contact in an emergency, and links to organisations that can provide up to date advice for children and parents.

Online Advice - using social media platforms
The use of the internet and social media applications and devices continues to play a significant role in the lives of children, young people and adults. The digital world is constantly changing, so it is important that all children, including our members, continue to be safeguarded and kept safe online.

Tips to ensure your online safety;
- Ensure that your privacy settings are set as high as possible and that your information is only accessible to those who you want it to be share with.
- Never publicise passwords or login details.
- Don’t post any personal information such as your address, email address or mobile number.
- Carefully consider any posts or comments you may post online and respect other people’s views, as they may not be the same as yours.
- Before posting any pictures or videos of yourself or others and especially children, consider whether they provide personal information, any other detail about you, your child or household and is the image appropriate? Once a picture has been posted online it can be easily seen and used for other purposes.
- If you see something online which appears suspicious or makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or worried then do not open it and consider reporting the matter, especially if it is a safeguarding concern.

If you do have a concern, you are advised to contact one of the following:

If it is an emergency or immediate safeguarding concern dial 999. Otherwise dial 101.

Call 0800 800 5000 (adults about the welfare of a child), 0800 1111 (Children can contact) or 0808 800 5002 (O2/NSPCC Online Safety helpline).

For up-to-date and child-friendly advice and guidance, here are several organisations that provide plenty of information;  
NSPCC guidance
NSPCC Net Aware
National Cyber Security Centre

More general advice can also be found in our Social Networking Guidelines

Our Integrity Unit, which consists of Safeguarding, Compliance, Data Protection and Health & Safety, are also available to address any concerns. You can contact the team by email or by calling 0345 129 7129. 

Your club and region also have dedicated Welfare Officers who will also be able to assist. You can find the contact details of your regional Welfare Officer on our website.